This contest had the most names ever submitted, making it harder than ever to pick a single favorite. I’m so glad I decided upfront to use as many of the names as I could and to send everyone an ebook.

Before I tell you the winner, I’d like to point out some of my favorites first. Prescott Sutton for the homeless guy. Priceless! I will use it, but I may also let him keep the “street” name I gave him.

Mila Kruz struck a chord with me too. Definitely a bartender. Does she sound Russian to you?

And of course, I’ll use Hailey, the name of Stephanie’s baby girl who’s undergoing surgery. I may have to create a minor character for her. Remember, the title of this book is Liars, Cheaters, & Thieves, so I don’t have many parts for good girls.

Keep in mind that I’ve already used a lot of names in my other novels, so some names were scratched just for that reason. Others with a nice ring that I will try to work into this novel or an upcoming short story are: Nikki Reynolds, Clayton Grimes, Matthew Phoenix, Shelia Dolan, and Keegan O’Hara. Those last two could form their own Irish mystery series. And I like Jackie, which I’d already used in this novel.

But my favorite of all the submissions is Jack Pittman, who will be a central character. I hope the anonymous poster will check back in with me. I’m happy to send a print book of your choice.

I’ll contact everyone else about your free ebook. If you don’t hear from me, it’s because I can’t find your email address. So email me: ljsellers.novelist @ Thanks so much for participating. This is always great fun for me too.

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