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Note to readers: I originally wrote The Sex Club as a standalone thriller, but it’s the first book featuring Detective Jackson as a main character. Some readers may want to start with that novel. Others may find the content too provocative and should start with Secrets to Die For, the first Jackson book that I intended to launch a series with.

The Sex Club (first book featuring Jackson)
Secrets to Die For (first book I wrote as a series)
Thrilled to Death
Passions of the Dead
Dying for Justice
Liars, Cheaters & Thieves
Rules of Crime
Crimes of Memory
Deadly Bonds
Wrongful Death
Death Deserved
A Bitter Dying
A Liar’s Death


Wade Jackson
Occupation: violent crimes detective and 20-year veteran of the Eugene Police
Age: early forties
Status: recently divorced with custody of his 14-year-old daughter
Physical description: Six foot tall and now down to 200 pounds (after meeting Kera), dark hair and eyes.
Notes: He thinks he’s not very attractive, but women think he is. They even like the scar above his eye
where a dog bit him.

I hope they get Viggo Mortensen to play the part when the series hits Hollywood. 🙂
Car: Midnight-blue restored ’69 GTO. Jackson is also building a trike, a three-wheeled motorcycle, with
the help of his daughter (Katie).

Kera Kollmorgan
Occupation: nurse in a Planned Parenthood Clinic
Age: mid forties
Status: very recently divorced, with one deceased son who died in Iraq. Her son’s ex-girlfriend (Danette)
and their baby boy (Micah) eventually come to live with Kera, which keeps her and Jackson from moving in together.
Physical description: 5’8” with long copper hair, wide cheek bones, and full lips.
Notes: Kera works out on an elliptical machine, wears a lot of purple, and dates Jackson. She also volunteers
as a rehab nurse for Iraq/Afghanistan veterans.
Car: White Saturn

Lara Evans
Occupation: violent crimes detective in training
Age: early thirties
Status: single and dating, but never in a long-term relationship
Physical description: 5’5″ and slender, but muscular with short light brown hair and a heart-shaped face.
Notes: Lara is high energy, intensely physical, and highly skilled in self-defense. She’s has a major role
in the fifth story, Dying for Justice, and is also the protagonist in The Arranger, a standalone thriller
set 13 years in the future and due out in September.

Sophie Speranza
Occupation: reporter
Age: late twenties
Status: single and bi-sexual
Physical description: petite redhead who wears mostly red, black, or beige
Notes: Sophie is dedicated to her job but realizes it may not last much longer, so she’s looking for a
transition. She digs her teeth into a crime story and sometimes uncovers information ahead of Jackson
(which he finds both helpful and annoying). She has a significant role in books #1 and #2, Secrets to
Die For
and Thrilled to Death.

Rob Schakowski (Schak)
Occupation: violent crimes detective
Age: late forties
Status: married with one son
Physical description: 5’10” with a barrel-shaped chest and a buzz cut
Notes: Schak is dedicated to the job but has a sharp sense of humor that keeps Jackson from
being too serious sometimes.

Ed McCray
Occupation: violent crimes detective
Age: mid-fifties
Status: married with grown children
Physical description: gray-haired, lean, and wears brown corduroy.
Ed is thorough, patient and nearing retirement. Jackson relies on him to pick up any threads
he might miss or drop.

Michael Quince
Occupation: violent crimes detective, who used to work vice
Age: late thirties
Status: divorced and dating
Physical description: “movie star” handsome with hair that somehow went from blond to brown
Notes: Quince appeared as a minor character in the first story, The Sex Club, then came back in
the forth story, Passions of the Dead, when Jackson needed a full team to investigate a triple homicide.

I’m happy to join book club discussions about my novels any time I can. I’ve done phone conferences with book clubs who read THE SEX CLUB (they had fun joking about phone sex), and I’ll meet in person with groups within diving distance of Eugene, OR. I’m also set up to have Skype discussions now too.

If you’re interested please contact me. (ljsellers dot novelist @ gmail dot com)