What if, without warning, you had to run for your life and leave everything behind?

Remi Bartell faces that terrifying moment and takes only the dog who saved her.

But as she starts her new life, lightning strikes! Remi briefly loses her memory and makes one small mistake—that costs her everything. The crime-family patriarch she’s hiding from kidnaps her and plunges her into a revenge nightmare. The psychological trauma cracks open buried memories from her old life that will either save her or destroy her.

AfterStrike blends fast-paced action with psychological suspense and unexpected romance, then ends with an explosive twist  It also features Dallas, an adrenaline-junkie undercover FBI agent who never gives up.


Readers/Reviewers Say:

“A sizzling must-read thriller! I absolutely loved this story!” —Midwest Book Review

“AfterStrike is a gripping thriller that keeps you guessing until the very last page. An L.J. Sellers masterpiece. Do not miss this one!” —Gary Ponzo, thriller author

“An amazing story. Un-put-down-able!” —Author Terry Shames

“The best thriller L.J. Sellers has written, and she’s at the top of my must-read list.” — Bestselling Author Teresa Burrell

“There are some books you inhale, devour and BREATHE. Afterstrike is one of these books.”— Goodreads Reviewer

“L.J. Sellers peels back layer after layer of a young woman’s troubled past in this relentlessly suspenseful tale of bad people, bad decisions, and very bad luck. Add an adorable dog to the mix, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. A lightning strike of a book!” -Ann Voss Peterson, author of Pushed Too Far

“After Strike starts at a dead run and doesn’t let up. The satisfying twists and unexpected turns come at a breakneck pace, all crafted with laser precision by a master storyteller. The result is a book that’s hard to put down, and that leaves you breathless and eager to continue, assuming you even can. L.J. Sellers is at peak form in this breathtaking thriller. I declare it an absolute must-read.” — Bill Cameron, award-winning crime-fiction author


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