What if a cult became a nation/state and isolated itself…for 50 years? THE WALL is a gripping love-story thriller set in a brutal, secretive future.

Jayla’s world shatters when her sister goes over the wall and is killed by Savages—but grief is just the beginning of her nightmare. When she cries in public, Enforcers drag her off to a brutal detention camp, where she begins to doubt the enclave. Yet between those moments, she meets Ronin, a kindred empath.

Ronin, a bodytaker, experiences his own awakening when he tinkers with his state-issued phone and receives a message from a stranger outside the wall. He also falls madly in love with Jayla—a woman of a different class whom he can never be with.

As their troubles escalate to a life-and-death crisis, so do the enclave’s. Jayla and Ronin are determined to expose the deceitful authoritarian regime. But to free everyone, will they have to sacrifice their own lives?

Reviewers Say:
“THE WALL is unique, emotionally engaging, and impossible to put down.  A must-read!”—Jessica Park, bestselling YA-romance author

“The characters had me completely invested in their journey. L.J. Sellers is a fabulous author, and I highly recommend this story.”—Gayle Carline, mystery & fantasy author


Readers Say:
“The best story I’ve read all year!”
“L.J. Sellers best work yet. It left me shattered.”
“I absolutely loved it”

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