The Baby Thief (Thriller)

babyThirty-two and still single, Jenna wants a baby before it’s too late, so she visits a fertility clinic. Soon after she meets Eric, a charming reporter, and their attraction is powerful. Meanwhile the clinic doctor, after one look at Jenna, makes other plans. The doctor and her lover conspire to kidnap Jenna and steal one of her eggs—a simple procedure that the “donor” should no have memory of. But from the beginning, things go terribly wrong. When Jenna disappears, Eric is confused and heartbroken—but can he find her in time to save her?

Readers say:

“This is a gripping, read-in-one-sitting story. Highly recommended!”—Marlyn Beebe, librarian

“A powerful, highly recommended, and cautionary tale about the dark side of fertility science.”—Midwest Book Review

“This is an excellent piece of suspense work…a pulse pounding, thrill ride, can’t put down, page-turner of a novel.”—

I just finished The Baby Thief, 5 stars!! It was GREAT!! I couldn’t hardly put it down.—Dawn Korzekwa, avid reader

“Just finished The Baby Thief. Loved it! All the characters are fully sketched, some beautiful but all flawed.”—Lisa, Twitter


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