Here’s a sample of what readers have posted about my books:

“It took me less than 6 days to read through all 6 of Sellers books. I usually don’t read through books that quickly unless they are that good (Evanovitch, Grafton, Connelly, Crais, Jance). I put this author right up there.”—Kathy Harris, Amazon review

I have read ALL of L.J. Sellers books, and they are SO good. I especially liked the Detective Jackson series, but I liked that Jackson showed up in all of the books. 🙂 Great deal on the Kindle, and an AWESOME read. I couldn’t put the books down.—Allyson Rawlins, FB

“Passions of the Dead: Loved it!!”—Karen, FB

“Thrilled to Death….You’re gonna love this one.”—Jack Quick, mystery reviewer

Dying For Justice is one of the best books that I have ever read. You are one of my favorite authors, but you really hit it out of the park with this one. I always love it when I can’t figure out the ending of a book. It ended totally differently than I thought it would. It held my attention from the very first page.”—Sheila, Facebook

“THRILLED TO DEATH is so well written that I was forced to keep reading until I finished. If you haven’t read any of L.J. Sellers books, you are missing out on a great reading experience.”—Mystery lover, John Bohnert

“Just finished your book… Bravo! It was a very fun read. Cheers!”— Jan Elliot, creator of Stone Soup comics

“LJ, I didn’t just enjoy your stories — I devoured them. They are really grabbers. I sped through The Sex Club and then charged into Secrets to Die For. I love your dialogue and flow and having them in Eugene added an extra fun touch.” —Johanna Dahlin

I just finished The Baby Thief, 5 stars!! It was GREAT!! I couldn’t hardly put it down.—Dawn Korzekwa, Faceboook

“Secrets to Die For is even better. Can’t wait for the next one.”—Jeanette Hornby

“Just finished Secrets to Die For… WOW! It was fantastic – even better than your first. I was totally swept up and couldn’t put it down!”— Jackie Hefner

“I really enjoyed your first Sex Club novel and now reading Secrets…Great reads. Love the way controversial and hot topics explored. Can’t wait for next book!!!”—Kathleen Eaton

“I will read every book you put on the shelf. You have a definite talent!” —Connie Hollingsworth

“I just finished reading The Sex Club and omg! I could not believe how many different twists there were! I loved it and could hardly put it down! I love the book and think everybody should read it! Its amazing! Not to mention there is finally a book based in Eugene, Oregon! Yay!!! —Nichole, Amazon discussions

“I was up at 4:30 am , so I started Secrets To Die For. I have been reading non-stop all morning and am half-way through. I love it. Another great book, L J. I think it’s wonderful how you address such important issues in your books.”—Lisa

“I just finished Thrilled to Death and loved it. Definitely couldn’t put it down. The characters are great, especially Jackson, who you can’t help but like. I can’t wait to read your other mysteries.”—LibraryThing

“I downloaded my copy of THRILLED TO DEATH today! Can’t wait to dig in. The previous books in this series were great!”—author India Drummond

“L.J.’s plots have more twists than some of those tornadoes that have been plaguing the Midwest lately…and DYING FOR JUSTICE is no exception. This book grabs you in the first paragraph and doesn’t let go until the surprise ending.”—Gina Gilmore, book reviewer

“I have just finished reading Thrilled to Death. Great book, thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading the next!” —Diane Morton, Facebook

“I have read L.J. Sellers’ The Sex Club and Secrets to Die For, both garnering great reviews, mine among them. I anxiously await the release of Thrilled to Death, the third novel in the Detective Wade Jackson mystery series.”—Susan Whitfield, author of the Logan Hunter mysteries

“Just finished Secrets to Die For yesterday…. I loved it! Can’t wait for the 3rd in the series.”—India Drummond, author

“Read The Sex Club and loved it. Can’t wait to download Secrets to Die For!”—Robin Pope Cain, Facebook

“If solving the mystery is too easy I lose interest and rarely buy future novels from that writer. The Sex Club delivered a satisfying surprise. Thanks for a great read. I look forward to more cases involving Detective Wade Jackson.”—Teri Vonn, Facebook

“I finally got around to reading The Sex Club, and it’s a terrific book—right in that “crispy around the edges” part of the spectrum from noir to cozy that I feel most at home in, too. Brava!”—Elizabeth Zevlin, author of Death Will Get You Sober

“LJ delivers! This author knows how to write a compelling, page-turning, heart-stopping, blood pumping thriller of a story. I highly recommend The Sex Club. Plan on putting everything aside for a day, because you won’t be able to put it down once you get drawn into it, and that happens very quickly. I look forward to reading more from Sellers.—Marvin Wilson

“I love your book The Sex Club, I couldn’t put it down until I was done. Thank you!”

“I’m on page 189 and can’t put it down. Guess I’ll be at Barnes and Noble tonight getting the next book. Wow! Thank you.”—Pat Riggs Henson, LCC board of directors.

“I picked up a copy of THE SEX CLUB from the pile you were giving away at Malice and found that I was unable to put it down. Riveting!”—Kate

“The Sex Club has unexpected turns and twists. I was engrossed from beginning to end, thinking, ‘What’s next?'” —Karen Dyer

“An enthralling book! Sex, lies, murder, mystery, suspense . . . you’ll find it all in THE SEX CLUB!”—

“Once I began reading Secrets to Die For, I couldn’t take a break and read it all in one sitting because it was that exciting.” —Sara, Goodreads

“I’m glad I did because this was one of the best mysteries that I’ve read and I’ve already recommended it to all of my friends.”—Jessica, Goodreads

“All I can say it WOW! I’m so upset that it took me so long to read this book. It was really a page turner and I feel horrible for having to put it down as many times as I had to in order to do other things.” —Cori, Goodreads

“Finished The Sex Club. It was awesome. Now I want to read the next one.” —Mason, Facebook post

“Finished the book. It was awesome. I really want to read the next one now.” —Jane

“A great read!”—Judy Sawyer, Sawyer Publishing

“I couldn’t put it down, so now it’s finished and I need another one! Really good.” —Clare Feighan

“I couldn’t stop reading. It was a great book for a long flight to Europe.”—Nancy

“I just finished your book. Congratulations on a great piece of fiction. It was an easy and compelling read. Kudos to you!”—Mark Kaplan

“I really loved the book. It was so well-written and exciting. From the very first page I was hooked and my attention was captured from then on. It was the first book that I have read by Ms. Sellers, but it’s definitely not my last. She has another diehard fan.—Cynde L. Hammond

“I really enjoyed The Sex Club.”—Julie Lomoe, mystery author

“Secrets to Die For is halting my writing for today. I can’t put the book down. Hooked.”—JF Hilborne (Twitter)

“Can’t wait to read it!!! Loved the other books a lot !!!!”—Karen Kulick, FaceBook

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