I’ve had a terrific couple of weeks as upcoming writer, and I have to make note of the positive things because there can be many setbacks in between. Here’s my feel-good news.

  • A  store clerk recognized my name and said, “You’re the author…” Then she started talking about Detective Jackson like he was a real person and went on to quote lines from SECRETS TO DIE FOR. My heart about burst.
  • One of the fiction authors I edit for sent me an e-mail saying he’d read THE SEX CLUB and thought I was “as good as Kellerman and Coben.” It’s just one reader’s opinion, but it was quite a giddy moment for me.
  • A freelance reviewer for our local paper e-mailed me and said she’d read SECRETS TO DIE FOR and planned to review it. The review published Sunday, and it was terrific.
  • The essay I submitted to a mystery magazine was accepted, and they plan to run it in the September issue when my new book is released. This will be my first national coverage as a novelist!
  • Kindle sales for my books have doubled in the last month.

So I’m making progress inch by inch, and I’m inspired to keep writing, knowing that I’ll have readers!

Do you have good news to share?

  1. Congratulations. Sounds like your’re having a great Spring 🙂

  2. Congratulations, LJ! You’re having a terrific spring!

  3. Congratulations on all your good news! I’ ve bough both your books for my Kindle. I’m looking forward to reading them and then posting a review. I’ll send you a note at that time.

  4. Wait, wait . . . Detective Jackson isn’t REAL?!

  5. Wonderful! It’s so important to acknowledge and celebrate the good stuff in our literary lives! Thank you for reminding a newbie that good things lie ahead – I got a thrill last night from posting my book cover on my Facebook page . . . finally!

  6. You know what they say about persistence, kid. You have it and more. 🙂 I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the greatest surprise will be a nice, fat royalty check.

  7. That is such good news — all of it. Nothing that exciting from my desk. 🙂

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