For readers who can’t make it to mystery/crime gatherings to meet their favorite authors, Poisoned Pen Press is offering a virtual online conference. Scheduled for Oct. 24, the PPP webcon is a chance to take in great discussions among authors on many subjects. For example, I’m on a panel that discusses provocative social issues in novels. There will also be discussions about exotic locations in novels, historical settings, reader favorites such as sex and violence, and many other subjects.

Authors who signed up earlier and are more tech savvy than myself are participating in audio and video panels and interviews. Other authors have contributed mini-workshops with great writing advice. Like most conferences, you get to pick and chose your favorite subjects. Unlike in-person conferences, many of these discussions will be posted until next year’s conference, giving you time to eventually read, hear, and watch almost everything!

Then there’s the Coffee Shop, a live chatroom, where you can mingle with authors, and a page dedicated to great book trailers.

And if wouldn’t be a conference without freebies. Poisoned Pen is giving all participants a $20 gift certificate to shop in its online store (practically a full refund of the conference fee), and many authors have donated downloadable short stories, first chapters, and others goodies. It’s worth the price of admission just to see the live interviews with guest-of-honor authors Lee Child and Dana Stabenow.

Check out the authors here: For a sneak preview of the panels, check this page.

Registration is still open, so what are you waiting for? Help make history and be one of the first group of readers  to take part in this groundbreaking forum.

  1. Thanks Linda! I’m going to sign up right now~

  2. I would so love to do this, but I’ll be in San Diego on Saturday, taking my son to his SoCal Honor Choir rehearsal. Don’t know when we have to be there, don’t know when we’ll be home, don’t know nothing.

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