Today, I’m doing something I rarely ever do and asking readers for their help. The fact that you buy and read my books is truly enough and for that I’m grateful. But I have special circumstances, and if you’ve read Dying for Justice and liked it, I’d love for you to post a review and rating on Amazon.

The short weird story is that after 27 reviews—22 of which are 5-star, and 5 are 4-star—a reader posted a one-star review. I wouldn’t care except that one-star reviews really hurt a book’s Amazon ranking. Immediately after it posted, my ranking dropped, and the book disappeared off the police procedural bestseller list.

This breaks my heart because Dying for Justice is, overall, my best-rated book, and the one that more readers have contacted me to rave about. If the reviewer had posted a legitimate negative comment, I would have simply let it go. But he talked about other writers and novels and never mentioned a thing about my story, until one broad comment near the end that was aimed at me personally. It’s also the only book review he’s ever posted on Amazon.

I’m hoping enough of you will post positive reviews that mathematically his ranking will be diluted. The reviews don’t have to be long, a sentence or two is enough, because clicking a rating will help the most. I also wouldn’t mind if you voted down his review as “unhelpful.” ☺

I’m not asking anyone to post a review you don’t believe in. But many of you have taken the time to write to me about this book, and if you could spend a few more minutes supporting it, I would be very grateful. All I can promise in return is another Jackson story in June. (And more book giveaways on Amazon to come!)

Thanks again for all your support.

  1. That is so irritating when someone leaves a bad review. I had that happen on one of my novels, and the person said my book was not researched, among other negative comments. My story was heavily researched and is very credible, all the way through. The person gave a 2 rating. Guess it could have been worse.

    I’ve not read your book, but know its good. And I support you.

  2. Thank you LJ for getting this word out. I support you 100% and enjoy your books so much! I did my part as requested above. As as you said, I would not have done so if i didn’t think your books were such a great read. I recommend you to other people with Kindles and I will send this to one of my friends as well because I know she also enjoys your books. Hang in there and just keep feeding us Detective Jackson novels as fast as you can produce them!

  3. Thanks everyone who’s posted already! I’m deeply grateful. I’m also grateful that this has never happened to me before. Most of my reviews are terrific, and I’m probably a little spoiled by that.

  4. Had it been anywhere but Amazon, I’d have gladly helped… Sorry.

  5. Done! Because I am the curious sort, I read the poor review. It just appears to me that this genre was not the correct one for the reader. Hope it is a temporary glitch. Don’t worry, I will continue to spread the LJ Sellers love :). Every person I have told about your books comes back and tells me how much they LOVE them and how glad they are I told them.

  6. Alexandra, I think this case of “not for me” review is one unfortunate consequence of the otherwise advantageous “promotional free give-away”, such as (but not limited to) Kindle Select.

    Yes, it’s a risk that is perhaps not as clearly foreseen than just the “loss” of direct monetary compensation, but it exists indeed.

    I sincerely hope Dying for Justice will rebound back to previous levels, but in the meantime will just say that it was bound to happen, if not now, later…
    After all, even the best books HAVE a substantial number of bad reviews !

  7. (I see that that last phrase can be read as saying the Dying for Justice is not good… doh. Put it on my non-nativeness please !)

  8. L.J., I happened on this post from your author page at Amazon. It’s funny how we get what we’re supposed to when we’re supposed to get it.

    I had to scroll through all of your reviews because I couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted one. But it’s done now.

    Thanks for asking!

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