And the winner is…Carol M who “loves mysteries.” Congratulations! E-mail me with your address. Thank you, everyone, for participating and for the supportive comments. If you’re curious how authors randomly pick a name from a bunch of blog comments and e-mails, here’s how I do it: I copy and past all the comments into a Word document, then print it, then cut the comments into equal-size strips and fold them into squares. I put all the entrants into a bowl and let my husband draw one.

Then I feel bad for everyone else who didn’t win a book. Keep checking back with my blog; I have book giveaways regularly.

Sometimes I have contests for naming characters, which are a lot of fun, and I’ll have one soon when I start the fifth Jackson story (aka Jackson 5 🙂 Interesting tidbit: One of the winning names in my last contest (for my third Jackson story, THRILLED TO DEATH) was Eddie Lucas, which I loved and used in the story and in a short story about the same character. One of the entrants in this contest was someone named Ed Lucas. Weird stuff like this happens sometimes with my character names.

Happy writing and reading.

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