Thanks everyone for suggesting such intriguing characters names for my futuristic thriller. My husband now has a crush on one of the winners because her suggestions are so creatively awesome! After much consideration, the winning selections are:
Male, bureaucrat: Sherman Dogg, submitted by Rose
Female paramedic: DeTerra Celeste Stibbins submitted by C. Lyncia Wright-Harris. Ms. Harris also submitted Adulan Dominic Masters, but the name is too potent to use for sleazy little bureaucrat, so I’ll save it for the hero. And Robert wins a book for posting a very interesting comment about how people will be named in the future.

If you don’t hear from me directly, please contact me with your mailing addresses, so I can send you a copy of SECRET TO DIE FOR.

Other news: I’ve been busy writing profiles for The Big Thrill and doing a Q&A for Mystery Lovers Corner, so that’s where you can find me this month:

I also found some new reviews for THE SEX CLUB, which I hadn’t seen yet. That’s always fun.

Thanks for stopping in.

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