Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 8.19.10 PMI got some very good news recently. Crimes of Memory (Jackson #8) will be released October 15 instead of next February. Woohoo! I’m working on copyedits now, the cover is almost done, and I expect to see it listed for preorder on Amazon soon.

I don’t have official back cover copy, but here’s my rough version.

After a leave of absence, Detective Jackson is assigned to investigate the homicide of a man found near a storage unit. Another homeless man is on the scene, his face covered in blood.

In another part of town, a group of eco-terrorists set off a firebomb at a bottled water factory, drawing investigators from the FBI, the ATF, and the Eugene Police Department—who fear another attack is eminent.

Without a full taskforce, Jackson must work the homicide round the clock, and his troubled daughter takes the opportunity to run away. Distracted with worry, Jackson seeks to bring justice for a man who robbed a bank, and in doing so, discovers a shocking connection between the murder and the eco-terrorist crimes.

  1. That’s fantastic news, LJ! So glad for you (and of course for those of us who love your books, too.)

  2. that cover is perfect!!

  3. Oh -the cover looks great! Congrats LJ – can’t wait to read!

  4. Wow Very good news. 🙂 I love all of your books. Can’t wait for crime of memory.

  5. Such exciting news, your books are the best! Already marking my calendar!

  6. So excited to read the next book! Pre ordered on amazon roll on October!

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