Every week I give away a free copy of The Sex Club on my website. I gave away 75 copies of The Sex Club at Bouchercon, and I’ve sent hundreds of copies to bookstores, book clubs, and readers who asked for it.

Meanwhile, I have a collection of new/nearly new paperbacks that have nowhere to go. Our local Book Exchange went out of business, so I’ve decided to give them away. To win one of these titles, simply e-mail me and ask for it. (Click the contact link on the right of this page.) I’ll randomly pick winners at the end of the week. Don’t forget to enter The Sex Club giveaway. (And you might consider ordering a few copies as the perfect stocking stuffer for your siblings and co-workers.)

My next step is to podcast The Sex Club and give it away in audio form. If I only had the time! I’m also thinking of offering a free download of one of my unpublished stories. My only hesitation is that I’m a better writer now than I was then. So does it make sense to offer an earlier story as a first exposure to my writing? Has anyone tried this strategy? I want to know what you think.

  1. Great give-away list Lj!

    Don’t know about the old story part though. I think I’d have to re-edit before giving anything like that away.

    I have heard of someone customizing stories as give-aways. She (or he – can’t remember) would list the character roles and the winner would get to name them for the free copy.

  2. podcast? the whole book? Interesting idea, LJ. I agree with Charlotte about re-editing the earlier works, but I would leave your original “style” – let the reader see your evolution as a writer. When I read Shogun I was just floored by James Clavell. Then I went back and read Tai Pan. Very good, but not as good as Shogun. Then I went back and read King Rat. Awful. But only compared to his later writings. If it was the only bok by him I’d have considered it pretty darn good. And I enjoyed reading the progress of a writer’s journey on the way to greatness.

  3. LJ, am very interested in your copy of “The Secrety History” if that is still around.

    Letitia Harmon

  4. I won a copy! Thanks so much, LJ. I can’t wait to read it. I think I may donate my copy to the library for circulation when I’m done, maybe that will help get the word out?

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