Thanks for following me to WordPress, home of my new blog and website combination. I’m excited to finally make this happen. I still have a little (okay, a lot) of work to do, but I’m slowly learning this program  and building pages.

The point of doing this was simplification and branding. Pulling readers to one website instead of two made sense to me. As for branding, I only have one label: L.J. Sellers, mystery/suspense novelist. I don’t use any nicknames online anywhere. Every time you see my presence, you see L.J. Sellers. I believe it’s the only way to get known. Nicknames are fun, but … they don’t help get your name out there and make it recognizable.

What do you think? Are you using a nickname on Twitter, for example? It is working for you?

  1. Love the new WordPress look, I’m a wordpresser too, so I’m a bit partial. Since your tweets are usually writing or writing motivated (why I started following you), I’d find a widget for them.

    As for the alias thing: My name is a bit tougher than yours, would be a mouthful; making and @TheMannimal a must. And any nickname starting with Man- usually applies well for me.


  2. Welcome to WordPress! I hope you have as much fun here as I have been having, LJ.

  3. btw, I use West of Mars on Twitter. My idea is to brand both my longish name and the catchier West of Mars.

    From my Google searches, it’s working. Same for the consistent artwork.

  4. Hi, LJ! I, too, have a blog one place and a site another. Have to get it together sometime….

    I’m just plain MarianAllen anywhere they don’t already have one. Yahoo already had one–me, actually, but I was new to the net and messed up somehow and couldn’t figure out how to access my account. I couldn’t use my own name because I was already using my own name…. That makes sense, if you’re around me long enough. So on Yahoo, I’m MomGoth.

    I love your blog (was subscribed to the old one, now subscribed to this one) and your tweets. I hope to meet you in person some day.

  5. Marian, I did the same thing with Yahoo and Blogger! Which is how I ended up LJSellers2 and ljraves. I hope to meet you too. Are you going to Bouchercon?

  6. Hi Lj,

    Your new site looks great and I’m green with envy! For months, I’ve been thinking that I really need to get down to one site – both for readers and for me. Have I done anything about this thought? Not! You are out in front as usual. Congrats! I’ll be back to see what else you do with it, and of course, to read your informative blog posts.

    Charlotte Phillips

  7. I’ve wondered for a while if there is really a need for two sites, and this has helped me see that maybe there isn’t. But I hate to do away with the wonderful site my daughter created for me. 🙂

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