We’ve all thought about killing someone…at least for a second or two, and crime fiction novelists like myself get to act that out in novels. Now it’s your turn. I’m giving away the opportunity to name the murder victim in the futuristic thriller I’m writing. (You expected someone  to die, didn’t you?)

You can submit the name of someone you’d like to see dead, for example, that girl who rejected you in high school or the dentist you’ve come to hate. Or if your sense of humor includes seeing your own name attached to a corpse, then by all means, submit it instead. I’ll simply pick my favorite. The winner also will receive a copy of Dying for Justice, my newest Jackson novel. And everyone who enters will win an e-book version of the same novel. Email me here with your preference for mobi or epub. I’ll likely give away a second print copy too, because I can never limit myself to one.

The futuristic thriller will be released in September and features Detective Evans, a major POV character from Dying for Justice. The new story (working title: The Arranger) is set 13 years in the future when Lara is working as paramedic in a changed world. The murder victim is a young woman Lara Evans competes with in a national endurance competition. So submit female names please.

As background: In Dying for Justice, the book I’m giving away, Detective Evans investigates her first solo case, and readers get to know her in much more detail than in earlier Jackson books. Readers have raved about the story, giving it an average five-star rating on Amazon and it might be fun to read it before The Arranger comes out. (Seeing the protagonist now and in the future.)

Do you have any great victim names for me?

  1. not sure why but the name Virgil Hogg came to me while i was reading your post! LOL

  2. A great name would be the girl in 6th grade who picked on me in first but alas she is still alive. And with my luck would find out and later try to sue me. But it would have been a good last name.

  3. Tewanda Hardy

  4. I thought of the sixth grade girl who picked on me on the bus in first grade. However she is still alive and I don’t want her to find out and create more issues, though it was a delicious thought and her name would have been a good one.

  5. There is someone. Yes there is. And I’m watching you.

    Cheers — Larry

  6. Rae Rotella.
    I’d like ePub, please.

  7. If this character (victim) is not a nice woman then the perfect name is Nancy Medogrol. I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to be a good person and used the technique of asking myself what would Nancy do and then I would do the opposite. Epub please.

  8. Jennifer Jane Lawrence

  9. Prophecy Moore

  10. Suzie Ventola … combination of names from two untrustworthy types I worked with. What fun!

  11. I’d love to see my own name in one of your books, even if I am dead. Lol.
    Jodi Hansen

  12. I have two names for you one girl and one guy!!

    Melinda Becker or Jerry Ennis

  13. I forgot to add I would like the epub

  14. Jason Copeland

  15. I’m just glad my name hasn’t been submitted by someone else.

    How about Arnelda Switchawigger?

  16. Do you have any great victim names for me?

    Yes, I do! 🙂

    How about: Sara Fleets

  17. I would suggest the name of the HR person who suggested I change careers when I was downsized – Lisa Hutchinson. And I would very much like an ebook.

  18. I’m sure there’s at least one book of yours I haven’t read yet. 😀

    What kind of person is this victim?
    Twelda Higgs
    Mercer Twuft
    Mia Marston

    I really enjoy reading books and finding DLers all over the place.


  19. A great name for a victim would be Julian Brentwood.

  20. How about ex-bosses? Too many to suggest but how about Cindy Morton, for one. :{D-

  21. Autumn Sky, she was my beloved Weimeraner, gentle soul, who died to young.

    Cricket Q Williams, Cricket is my English Pointer, I rescued her and named the dog rescue I run after her, Cricket’s Corner. She was almost a victim of the dog warden, she was Heartworm Positive!

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