Book one of the Agent Dallas series, The Trigger, has finally launched, and I’m working on book two. I have a title idea, but I’m waiting to share it until I have the cover ready. In the meantime, I’d like your help with names again. And I’m giving away ebooks of The Trigger (or ebook of your choice) to all the winners of the names I choose, and a print book of your choice to whoever submits my favorite name of the bunch.

In this new story, Agent Dallas infiltrates a medical technology company suspected of corporate sabotage and terrorism. She doesn’t know who is responsible for the attacks, but the company is headed by a male CEO and a female COO, both in their forties. The male executive has a business/technology background and the female has a business/biology background. They’re both ambitious and demand absolute loyalty from their employees.

I also need the name of male victim. He’s a new type for me: a fifty-something famous actor—a bachelor with a big heart (think George Clooney) who seems to have died of an overdose, but whose body show signs of bondage.

The detective who investigates his death is an early-thirties male who lives in San Diego and has a mixed Latino/Anglo heritage. He’s tough and eager to prove himself, but also has a soft spot for Hollywood stars, ballroom dancing, and an aging pot-bellied pig.

That should keep you busy—and possibly confused!

Don’t worry that most of these characters are men. There are plenty of women in the story, but two of the main protagonists—Agent Dallas and Agent River—are already established from previous books.

As always, I will use as many of the submitted, non-winning names as I can for minor characters such as witnesses, suspects, and family members. Feel free to submit your own!

Post your name submissions in the comments or email me. Thanks for your participation!

  1. How about Richard King for the actor? Something big but easy to remember. And I’ve always loved the Spanish name Jesus – “Hey” for short. You could really complicate the character by giving him the initials “JC” – Jesus Cortez? Always fun to build a character using this literary technique. Resurrection anyone? 😉

  2. My name is Stephanie Grissom, but have had a few aliases. I was born Stephanie Inman. My mom changed my name her maiden name after the divorce to Allen. There was a short marriage To a Mosqueda and have happily been Grissom for almost 14 years. I love your books and think a Stephanie would fit right in. My husband’s name is William Grissom III. Kids are Victoria “Tori” and Kevin and Tabatha.

  3. Theresa/Risa







  4. Dward Farquard (a name from the files of the Jack Parr Show) for the CEO. Willard Foley for the actor.

  5. Adrianna Marie Ricci – for the female COO
    Jack Trevor – for the male CEO
    Gary Linn – for the male victim
    Jose Cortez – dectective

  6. I would love to see my name is print, I haven’t seen it spelt like unless it’s about me.

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