Another very busy day ahead (editing corporate profiles), so today I offer another version of the “lazy woman’s blog.” (Actually, it took a while, but I didn’t have to think much!) Crime writers might find it useful. Following is a list of places to send your mystery and/or suspense novel for review:

Ellery Queen

Crime Spree
Mystery News (Black Raven Press)
Mystery Scene
Deadly Pleasures
The Strand
Crime Time
Mystery Readers Journal (if it fits a theme)
Crime and Suspense Ezine
Over My Dead Body
January Magazine
The Mystery Reader
Reviewing the Evidence
Tangled Web
January Magazine
Dead End Books
Mysterious Reviews
Bloodstained Book Reviews

If you know other good mystery review sites, please share.

  1. What a useful and helpful post! Nice going and thanks, LJ.

  2. Thank you L.J. And an extra thanks for including all the links!

  3. Sweet!!! Thanks for posting these, LJ!

  4. Dang it… I was signed in accidentally under my boyfriend’s Gmail account…David Fitzgerald is really me! At least as far as these comments… D’oh!!!!

  5. Thanks, Helen. This is great!

  6. Hey, you forgot Front Street Reviews. You might even get lucky and I’ll do the review.

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