Thanks, everyone, for participating! And for making several suggestions each.

Yyonne, I love all your hacker nicknames: Zero Byte, Reaper, Troller. How fun. In fact, I’m going with Greg “Reaper” Rafferty. So you’re the first winner.

And Betsy, as soon as I saw the name Grace, I knew it was perfect for the engineer character. I may use Lopez as her last name too. If not, something very similar. Thank you! Let me know which book you want.

Melinda, I really appreciate your faithful support of my writing and my blog. And I love the name Caleb McCullen for the male FBI agent. So you’re the third winner. I suspect you’ve read all my Jackson books, but I have three standalone thrillers to choose from.

Thanks again, loyal readers! Click here to email me.

  1. Thank you! Glad to have participated and e-mail has been sent off – early morning 3/20

  2. Hi, LJ,
    Catching up on email, etc. Just clicked on your website and it’s great! I’m just starting mine and looking forward to the experience. THE TALUS SLOPE should be out in about three weeks and I’ve given you an acknowledgement for your fantastic edit of THE MURDER PROSPECT.

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