I made a list of promotional efforts that I want to be more consistent about and decided to share my new goals.

Give out more bookmarks! I read about people who say they do this everywhere and with everyone, and I must get into the habit. Goal: Give out 3 bookmarks a day. And I intend to start ordering them in large quantities from online printers. (Nothing like having 2000 bookmarks sitting around to motivate you to give them away.)

Send out one e-mail a day to writer/mystery/review blogs offering to guest blog or participate in a Q&A.

Send out two e-mails a week to writers I know online offering a free copy of my novel. If they like it, they’ll probably say so. Free promotion from other writers is as good as it gets.

Spend 10 minutes a day on Goodreads in discussion forums and adding books to my list. This is a direct connection to readers.

Spend 10 minutes a day on CrimeSpace. I used to do this everyday, then got out of the habit when I started spending more time on Facebook and Twitter (and blogging everyday). As a result, I’ve noticed a drop off in the number of books I sell on Amazon.

Comment on two other blogs everyday. This one is easy, and I’d like to do more of it, but I have to leave some time for writing novels.

Write one article a month and offer it online magazines—even for no pay—just for exposure. (This will be the hardest one to keep up. I hate writing for free…except for blogging!)

Get all of this into an Excel spreadsheet so I can track it and not get sloppy.

Get up earlier to get it all done!

  1. wow – excellent motivating checklist of goals. I could adopt those verbatim.

  2. Excellent ideas, L.J. Especially the Excel sheet. I find it hard to make habits and sooo easy to forget things. Having it in an Excel sheet is a good way to remember what your goals are and to check up on yourself.

    Thanks for these tips.

  3. Excellent list! I want a copy of that spreadsheet, miss! And now to go dig out my bookmarks… 🙂

  4. This is great, but let me save you
    a little work and increase your exposure.

    I tend to write most of my Blog posts as articles. I know each venue has a different readership, so I do cross post my articles. I have a list of about 5 sites that I will post my stuff on.

    If I post it first on my blog, then I rehash it on the freebie article sites and not have to be concerned with more work.

    I try to keep my posts to one page which is good length for articles. So if you do a couple of serious article posts a month on your Blog you can increase your number of article submissions with no extra writing time and have more time to Tweet.

    Karen Syed

  5. Great idea, as usual, Karen!

  6. Good Job! Thanks for posting this it gives me incentive and a few hints.

  7. Great goals. Now that part about the Excel spreadsheet – I’ve got to get more up on working Excel. So far, I can enter into spreadsheets already made, but have forgotten how to make one.

    More to learn!
    Morgan Mandel

  8. Great goals! I’ve found that it helps to have very clearly defined goals with my writing projects. I write them down everywhere so that I keep running into them! The blog comments are the best. I find the best stuff when I’m blog surfing.

    Best of luck to you!

  9. You can always send about 25 of those bookmarks to a certain online friend who does a lot of contests and online trading, and who likes to slip bookmarks inside the books she mails out…

    Just an idea…

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