Transition day is here. Before it’s over, I’ll take down all my self-published books, so Amazon can launch its new versions tomorrow. Clicking those “unpublish” buttons will be scary and difficult. For two-plus years, this is how I’ve lived my life. Writing like mad, getting the books ready for publication, uploading them to KDP, and watching over them 24/7 as they compete in a crowded ruthless market.

Thomas & MercerI’ll still be writing like mad and watching my books on the market, but I’ve already stopped doing the production aspect. The other major thing that will change is that I’ll lose control of the pricing and promotion. I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, it’s a relief. Watching the rankings—which equal visibility—and constantly adjusting pricing and promotional time & money is a lot pressure.

Not to mention exhausting.

But knowing me, I’ll still be monitoring the ranking/visibility/sales, but I’ll be powerless to do anything. Except email my team at Thomas & Mercer and offer suggestions (or pleas). Which they are very responsive to. But they’ll also be marketing my books and gauging the results, and I trust them to do a great job.

My hope is that I’ll be so pleased with my growing readership that I’ll be able to let go of the daily worry about marketing/sales and focus more on writing. And living. There’s so much I want to do this year. Like take hand-drumming lessons and dance classes. And go on a real vacation.

Most important though is that my books will reach new readers. Amazon can, and will, contact readers who’ve never heard of me. And because I’ll have the credibility of a respectable publisher, many more readers will try my work. I’m excited about the possibilities. I’m also happy to report that Amazon is keeping the prices low.

I’m thrilled with the new covers too. It was a long process, but T&M included me in every step, and I’m happy with the new branded look for both the Jackson stories and the standalone thrillers. I think the branded aspect adds professionalism that readers will be drawn to.

You can see the new covers on my website already, and starting tomorrow, the new T&M versions will be selling on Amazon, B&N (print), and other retailers. It’s another major transition in my eventful writing career, and hopefully, one that will bring me respectability and peace of mind.

What do you think? Do you like the covers? Will Amazon help my books perform better? Readers, are you still on board?

  1. Congratulations! It has to be hard to do the entire job yourself. Now you can mostly write books and play with your grandchildren.

  2. Congrats! Best of luck to you. By the way, I love the book covers. You have a really cool website and the books look great!

  3. Congratulations, LJ! I am totally thrilled for you! Can’t wait to see the new book covers and your next books in print! And I look forward to hearing about your hand-drumming, dance classes, and real vacation, too! Your hard work is really paying off! Not to mention natural talent and great imagination, of course!

  4. LJ:
    Wishing you the very best in this new venture – I just know you’ll make it a major success. Hugs, LT

  5. Love the new covers! And I have to tell you, I first caught wind of your change through facebook and you mentioned you were “Un-publishing” them. I am not familiar with writing/author vocab and my heart sunk at first! lol So glad you’re just moving on to bigger and better things and I can’t wait to read the next Jackson Novel. Best of luck, LJ

  6. Wow. Big day, L.J. Wish you well! Keep writing!

  7. I’m thrilled for you! You’ve worked so hard and you’ve been an inspiration to me and, I’m sure, lots and lots of other writers. Much success with your new life!

  8. I’m thrilled for you, LJ. This is an exciting step in your strong career. And the covers really do pull it all together. Well done!

  9. Congratulations, L.J.! Wishing you all the best during this exciting transition!

  10. Thank you all for the good wishes. Last night as I was getting ready to “unpublish,” I felt like I was unplugging my ventilator and hoping that my new lungs would kick in. It was nerve-wracking. But I’m happy to report that the new books are up and selling well. I’m excited to be a part of the new aspect of publishing.. and breathing deeply.

  11. Congrats, LJ! I’m so thrilled for you. I love your books, and it’s great to see them get the recognition they deserve.

  12. I am a reader who is now a fan due to your exposure by amazon. I think you came as a recommendation because I also read Carolyn McCray, not sure though. anyway I bought all your Jackson books straight that’s how much I loved the first.

  13. Yep, like Jason I came across your work via Amazon. Just read my first Det Wade story and was absolutely thrilled to see there are seven (soon eight) in the series. It meant I could finish it quickly and not have to say GOODBYE to the characters! (I never wanted to finish The Stand!!!). LJ, what I love about your style are the references to the mundane, which subconsciously creates a greater empathy and resonance with the characters. It was no surprise to me that Eugene actually exists and you know it so well! It wld be fun to be a local reading through your work! Anyway, gtg and catch up on Wade, Kera, Katie, Evans and co….

  14. Oh, and your real vacation? Well my wife and I will invite you to visit us in South Australia! The barbie is always ready!

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