The new Jackson story is nearly finished, and I’m happy to report I have a title, a cover design, and back cover text. I’m also still on track to release the novel late next month, and my new website will be up next week. I’m excited about all the changes, and I hope you will be too. Here’s the preview of Liars, Cheaters &  Thieves.

Thursday night, a young veteran’s throat is slashed in a parking lot. Friday morning, an older women dies of a heart attack when she realizes her bank account has been cleaned out. The homicide-scene evidence points to the man’s cheating wife, but when Detective Jackson finds bizarre materials in their home and a link to a phony charity, the case gets complicated. When another man is killed, Jackson and his team decide to follow the money—but can they find the trail before anyone else is murdered?


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  1. Wow! So glad you are coming out with another Jackson mystery! Sounds GREAT and can’t wait! Thanks for keeping us readers happy!

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