happy-birthdayToday I am 50.

If you only knew how hard that was to say. I’ve struggled to get my brain around this number for weeks now. I thought for a while if I never actually said it out loud, no one would know, and I could keep up the illusion that I was still in my late forties, which sounds so much nicer. But’s that crap. It’s just a number. So to be true to my nature (the queen of too much information), I decided to go the other direction and make an actual announcement.

All the wonderful birthday wishes that have been pouring in from online friends and family have really helped. Thank you for those.

I keep thinking of my sister, Kerry, who died two months after turning 48. And my two sisters-in-law, Arlene and Rose, who died at 39 and 54. I have no right to lament this birthday. I am alive! And healthy! If that weren’t enough, I’m also in a great place in my life right now.

So I’ve decided to embrace 50 for what it is—a gift. Going forward, I hope I have the good sense to express gratitude every day for this simple gift of life.

  1. Girl, you’re just a baby! 50 is nothing to be worried about–I’ve been 50 for years.

  2. Happy Birthday, L.J. The older I get, the more proud I am to tell my age. Particularly after you pass 80, every new year feels like an accomplishment. I don’t really care about rushing the next birthday, but when I get there I’m happy about it. Number 84 won’t be around until November, so I have a lot to do before then. Enjoy your day!

  3. Happy Birthday! As a friend once said, 50 is just like 49 but without the waiting…

    (and I’m just a year behind you. It’s just a number…)

  4. too funny! I am in the exact place you are (or will be in a bit over a month) and cannot wrap my head around it, either. I, too, know we should all be grateful we are alive, healthy and happy, but weren’t we more alive, healthier and a tad happier at <50…??!?

    Nevertheless, belated happy birthday, LJ. and congrats on a great career!

  5. Happy Birthday L.J.! I seriously hope it’s a great one. A couple of years ago, I decided to start counting backwards. My goal is to live until I’m 35 again.

    Straight From Hel

  6. Happy Birthday! 50 is the new 30, right? 😀

  7. I hear ya, LJ. I turn 50 this coming Friday and I’ve been bracing for it for months. As for that 50 is the new 30 crap…my sagging jawline ain’t buyin’ it. 😉

  8. Congratulations, everyone who’s 50-ish! You’re not old until you stop WANTING to ride your bike, Lj. I think you have a few years yet.

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