It’s time for another non-writing/reading rave. These have been simmering for a while.

Why are automated voice mail greetings so long?
How many options do we need and does anyone ever use them? Wouldn’t voice mail be much friendlier if it simply said, “No one is answering, so leave a message”? Furthermore, it seems that few people actually listen to their voice messages. Time and again, people who call me back say, “So what’s up?” or “I saw that you called.” I politely ask, “Did you listen to my message?” Because I don’t want to bore them with a repeat of what they’ve already heard. They invariably say, “No. I just saw that I’d missed your call and called you back.” My feeling is that if I suffer through five minutes of voice mail options, waiting patiently for the tone that says I can finally talk, I expect you to listen to the thoughtful message that I’ve left. Because if I’m on my way to the emergency room, I may not be able to answer when you call back.

Why is all packaging so hard to get into?
This would be the reason that I’m on my way to the hospital—because I just sliced open my hand with a utility blade trying to open a package a batteries. Don’t manufacturers know that people who need batteries need them right f**king now because the damn smoke alarm won’t shut the hell up?

Sleep-aid packaging is the worst. Each pill is set in a little plastic cup with a paper covering glued down over the whole thing. It’s after midnight and I’m exhausted yet can’t sleep, so I’m in the kitchen trying to access a single little sleeping pill. I do not have sharp fingernails, and like everyone else my age I can’t focus well on things that are 18 inches from my face. After five minutes of clawing and tearing, I realize the task is beyond my skills. I reach for the utility knife, then remember the incident with the batteries. So I think “to hell with it” and grab the Nyquil. (Fortunately, I have mastered childproof caps.)

  1. I totally agree. Nothing brings out my homicidal tendencies like trying to peel OPEN the Sudafed Sinus Headache pills so I can SWALLOW a couple to RELIEVE my HEADACHE – wait, s’okay, i got them now…

  2. I just had to stop by when I read the title and description of your blog!

    And to add to your rants, why is it that every time I sit down to write either the dryer buzzer goes off or the neighbor’s landscape crew breaks out the leaf blower? It’s always something. 🙂

  3. I totally agree with you LJ. By the way, how is your hand?

    And cutting open those plastic coverings can ruin an ordinary pair of scissors.

    Half the time when I’m working through the maze of push 1 for… push 5 for… I get cut off. That happened over the weekend. Then you have to start over.


  4. Cute post – lol. I have developed arthritis in my hands over the past several years. Degenerative bones in the thunb joints – bleeack. So when I started buying arthritis pain killer pills, they come in these bottles that ya have to struggle, suffer and break your bones to get open! What are these people thinking?

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