I’m veering off the subject of writing again for a moment to do a little more raving. Here are some hump-day humdinger questions:

Why do bills (i.e., monthly invoices from the electric and cable company) say “amount enclosed”? Is the payable amount optional? Can I send $49 instead of the $178 that’s listed in the amount due box? Or do they think this little phrase might encourage some people to pay extra?

Why is the checker at Albertsons wearing a wrinkled white t-shirt and plaid pajama bottoms? Is it “come as you are day” or has our culture gone that casual? (I work at home, and I still get dressed every day.) But does it matter? Is he any less efficient? Why does it bug me?

Why do men reorganize everything in the dishwasher before starting it? What difference does it make if the plates are lined up straight or not? Did men all attend the same disherwasher-loading class? And if they have five minutes to donate to housework—why don’t they do something useful instead and scrub a toilet?

Speaking of toilets, why is it so hard to start a roll of toilet paper? It’s as if the first six layers are melded together with Super Glue. Why is that necessary? Why can’t it be more like peeling up a little yellow sticky note?

If you know the answers, please share.

  1. Hmmm..
    *Bill companies want to give you the illusion you have a choice–and you do–pay what they ask or lose the service!

    *The clerk is still half asleep and running late?

    *Men figure if they “organize” things, the work is easier!!!

    *The tp company figures they’ll give you something entertaining to do while you are sitting 🙂

  2. Where is that dishwashing loading class?
    My husband cannot load a dishwasher to save his life.

  3. Why do men set their dishes on the counter or in the sink? The dishwasher is right there next to the sink — put ’em in there!

    And why is it that men invented high heels and bras, but they don’t have to wear them?

    As to the bills, if it’s an electric bill, for example, I don’t get the “amount paid” space either. If it’s a car loan, for example, I can see you paying extra to try to pay it down faster.

    But don’t ask me, I can’t think with these stilettos on.

  4. Hmmm … wish I had some answers to some puzzling questions. *laugh*

    My husband loads the dishwasher, if and when he does, by piling large items so cluttered that nothing on the bottom gets clean or anything on the top rack. Where’s that dishwasher loading class?


  5. And why do men know how to open everything and close nothing?

    My hubby is only allowed to unload, not load the dishwasher. I shudder oh, well, I’m a bit ocd anyway. In a week the refrigerator looks like a disaster area. I’d swear he opens the door, shuts his eyes, one thing he does know how to close and tosses stuff in.
    Anyway, great post, good laughs. Needed them.

  6. Sigh…I am guilty of rearranging hte dishwasher before running it because the way people load it at work (and home) leaves far less room for more dishes and stacks things on top of another so everything doesn’t get clean. I’ve been told by a male friend if you don’t have all dishes facing towards the center, the plates will not get cleaned.


  7. Those are some really neat questions and definitely brought me back to some of my own. For instance, have you noticed nearly everyone talks in disclaimers now?

    The other day, my husband and I were talking for less than 10 minutes and there were at least 3 disclaimers in his conversation. “Not that I’m saying blah, blah, blah” or “I’m not saying I agree with blah, blah, blah” or the most common one “I’m not trying to offend anyone, but”

    I’m like just make the statement already. LOL! You had some really interesting questions.

  8. I am a victim. My husband does not do anything with the dishwasher. Normally we hand wash and use the diswasher as a strainer, but then once a week we have to run it to get all the water out of it. LOL

    But on that day, he acts like there is some secret to it and if he does it wrong it will start off some Indiana Jones tunnel of doom adventure that we might not survive, so he leaves the dishes sitting on the counter by the dishwasher for me to load “cause you do it much better.”

    The other questions, no clue…

    Karen Syed

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