Yes, it’s that time again! I’m writing another standalone thriller and I need character names. You readers are so good at coming up with interesting monikers that I had to get your help again.

This thriller features FBI agent Jamie Dallas, whom I introduced in Jackson #8—which you haven’t read because it won’t be released until the first of next year. Or that’s what I hear. I’m still hoping for an earlier publication date.

But first, THANK YOU for your support of Rules of Crime. It’s currently #25 in the whole Kindle store! Very exciting. I couldn’t do this without you.

In this new book, Agent Dallas goes undercover again, this time in an isolated community near Redding, California. I’d love to tell you more about the group and the plot, but I feel proprietary about the theme. I worry that another writer will grab the idea and self-publish a similar story before I can get mine released through Thomas & Mercer.

I’m a third of the way into the novel, and I’ve already decided the names of the main antagonists, but I need names for other members of the community. For example, a female engineer who’s in her forties and ex-military. And a young male hacker, who’s not a very nice guy.

And maybe a male FBI agent. I’m currently calling him Garret McCully, but if you want to suggest something else, feel free. He’s 32 and an outdoorsman.

I’m no longer able to give away ebooks, but for the winners, I have a couple print copies of Rules of Crime (or any other Jackson book you prefer). I’ll soon have copies of the new versions of my standalone thrillers too. So if you don’t mind waiting, those are winner options as well.

And as usual, I’ll try to use as many of the names you submit for other people who pop up in the story.

Let’s see what you’ve got. Thanks for participating!

  1. For the engineer, how about Edith Pavia? (Obviously, your characters and you already have ‘plans’ – but I’ve always liked a play on names and that ‘popped’ as a possible play on Edith Piaf, if one or the other parents might have been fans?) Maybe Heather Stratten? Diana LeFleur? Janet Eckberg?

    For the hacker…….. Jake “Zero Byte” Futters (Nick/handle could be a play off of bytes being in 0’s and 1’s)? Greg “Reaper” Rafferty? Lincoln “Troller” Evanton? Combination thereof?

  2. LJ I think the female engineer should be Tawny Gollaher. The young male hacker, who’s not a very nice guy should be named Wes Parker. The male FBI agent Caleb McCullen. I hope this helps i’m looking forward to reading anything new you have coming out. I sure hope their is another Det. Jackson book you sure did leave us hanging this time!!!!

    Thanks, Melinda

  3. I’d change the FBI agent’s name first. Garret McCully harks back to Hawaii Five-O. Try Neal Francis White, nickname NFW. Marches to his own drum. For the female engineer, give her a common yet strong name. I favor Grace as a first name. You can do a lot with her being called Graceless, Grace Under Fire, etc. Use a regional last name. Something like Lopez. Something that would be likely found in California.

  4. How about Hebrew Wilbur, Chase Matten. Eden Cain,Evy Niece just some thoughts I like to play with names it is fun my kids and animals have very different names

  5. HI LJ
    How about Natalie Davies for the engineer and Eric Coulthard for the male FBI agent?

  6. Female Engineer….Madalyne Stone

    Hacker…..Jacob Lawrence

    I am a new reader of your books and love, love them!!!
    Great writing!!
    Keep them coming!!!!


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