These last two weeks have been an eye-opener. I did Amazon-sponsored giveaways of The Suicide Effect and The Sex Club, and the response was terrific. Between the two, I gave away more than 55,000 ebooks, and they both have been selling really well since.

So I thought I’d repeat the effort with The Arranger, a book with nearly all 5-star reviews that has never gained any traction. After two days, I’ve only had about 2500 downloads. I can’t even give this book away!

Not everyone likes futuristic thrillers, but right now The Hunger Games is at the top of many bestseller lists, so there is an audience for this genre. And I think the cover is compelling. I’ve come to believe the problem is the name. The Arranger just doesn’t have enough intrigue or power.

So I plan to change it. I had once considered calling it The Gauntlet, and I’m leaning hard in that direction. But if any of you who have read The Arranger have a better title in mind, please let me know. I’ll gladly give you print or ebooks as a reward.

So what do you think? Change the title? And to what?

Update: The consensus seems to be for The Gauntlet Assassin, so I’m posting the new cover. I have one more reader who plans to weigh in soon, and if he gives me something brilliant, I’ll go with it. For now, this is the new cover.

  1. Changing the book’s name does not seem a bad idea. The Gauntlet seems also quite good, but it misses something.
    Please note that your two “successfull” books have three words in their title : The Suicide Effect, The Sex Club.
    I don’t see anything that could apply to The Gauntlet, but would suggest “Running the Gauntlet”, which would unfortunately also differ by not staring with “The”.
    Also “Running the Gauntlet” would make reference to Stephen King’s The Running Man , which also happens in a future dystopian future and a staged competition… Not bad I think.

  2. L.J., the very this name that came to my mind was The Gauntlet, but without the cover, that name probably isn’t going to do what you’re looking for either.

    I do kind of like Running the Gauntlet. A little action wouldn’t hurt. But I’m not crazy about the gerund. Maybe The Gauntlet Runner?

  3. What do you think of The Gauntlet Murders?

  4. Leaning now toward The Gauntlet Assassin.

  5. How about a different direction. Something like Game On, or Obstacle 2023 (there are many obstacles in the book and I like the idea of giving it a specific year) or maybe Gauntlet 2023. I don’t like Gauntlet Assassin, but what about Gauntlet Warrior? God, I hate looking for titles! I keep thinking about that first Gauntlet scene in which she has to use her wits–if there was some way to incorporate that idea…

  6. Did you say you GAVE AWAY more than 55,000 e-books! I’m floored! What an amazing promotion!

    As for The Arranger, I like that title, but it’s not about the main character or her role, so it could use a change. (So sorry I didn’t think of that when I was editing it for you!) I like The Gauntlet, The Gauntlet Warrior and The Gauntlet Assassin. I’m not crazy about The Gauntlet Runner or Running the Gauntlet because, even though traditionally a guantlet is something someone runs through, Lara does a lot more than just running.

  7. I like your suggestion The Gauntlet Runner.

    When LJ called it The Arranger, I didn’t understand the title – until I had finished the book. It’s a fine book. Maybe it does need a new title. Certainly people are familiar with runners.

  8. I do think that the book is as much about the running of the gauntlet and the search for the criminal than it is about the Arranger. He isn’t a recognizable Arranger until deep into the book.

  9. Thanks, everyone, for participating. I’m mulling this over and running some word association programs just for fun. At the moment, The Gauntlet Assassin is my favorite because it incorporates several aspects of the story and lets readers know it’s crime fiction.

  10. L.J.,
    In a separate message a few minutes ago I asked to be your friend. I ran across your need for a new title for The Arranger. Although I am a new author, I have always had success with naming things. I’ve named businesses, symposiums, and novels. My first novel is “Serial Separation” and my other two related novels are “Branded for Murder” and “Scent of Gardenia.”
    Can I make a deal with you. If you send me an electronic copy of your novel, I will immediately read it and try to offer a title which might help.
    I really do like to help people.
    Best regards,

  11. Hi L.J.

    I was browsing Amazon’s eBook suspense best sellers and your book, the Arranger caught my attention. For whatever reason, it kind of gave me the idea that it was similar to the recent movie, In Time, (I haven’t seen it, but I want to.), which I realize isn’t closely related to your book.

    Anyway, I like the white and light blue in your cover, as well as the maze. But I’m not too sure how I feel about the eye in the center. However, I like The Gauntlet Assassin way better than The Arranger.

    By the way, I’ve been having difficulty getting people to try out my novels for free as well – just to get some reviews. If you come up with a great way to entice people to do so, please feel free to let me know.


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