Hi Friends and Readers

I finally have a few print copies of A LIAR’S DEATH (Jackson #13), and I’d love to give them away. (Some readers have said this is the best Jackson yet!)

We haven’t done a character-naming contest in a while, and everyone seems to enjoy them, so here it is.

I’m outlining a new Extractor story, and this one has a technology/hacker/digital ransom theme. The main antagonist is a fifty-something man with a background of failed start-ups and multiple divorces. He’s bitter but still passionate about his projects. Fortunately for my crime-fiction story, his projects are potentially deadly.

So give me your best bad-guy names for this character, and I’ll give away two print books, one for the best first name and one for the best surname name. If a single reader offers a winning combination, I’ll randomly pick a second winner.

In other news: POINT OF CONTROL, my standalone thriller featuring Agent Bailey, is only $.99 right now. If you haven’t read this one, now is a good time to download it.

  1. Aric, Charles, Larry, Kierran, Vaughn, Benny, Vincent.

    Meade, Jones :), Stamper, Kincer, Leet, Bucchi,Delrosa

  2. Linus Edward “LED” Daniels
    Jeremiah “JT” Thomas
    Marcus Aurelius “Mad Money” Davidson (parents may have had an interest in Ancient Roman History)

  3. Boris Wilder

  4. Donald De Lisle

    Dudley Craddock

    Just a couple of thoughts so far.

    I have still to read your new book, looking forwa4d to it.


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