So many great names were entered! Interestingly, I’ve already used several of the names in the story, such as the first name Jason and the last name Morton. And I liked the Melinda Becker suggestion, but I used Bekker as a major character in my last Jackson story. I almost picked Jodi Hansen because it’s a great name, but I know two lovely women named Jodie, one of whom is my editor, so I just couldn’t kill someone named Jodi.

I liked Lisa Hutchison too, but then I decided Lisa is too similar to Lara, my protagonist, and they have a long scene together. This is how it goes with naming characters, which is why I often ask readers for help.

So the winning name choice is Sara Fleets submitted by Bobby Crawford-McCoy. And I’ll spell Sarah with an H, so it looks and sounds different from Lara. Another runner up was Suzie Ventola, submitted by Shirley Nienkark, which is also a great last name. Bobby and Shirley, please contact me with your mailing address or format preference.

For those who didn’t win, I’ll probably use many the names you suggested for other characters. I need a lot of names in this story, many for people who don’t have active roles.

Everyone who entered is entitled to an e-book, and I contacted those that I could. But if you didn’t leave me a way to find you, please email meand let me know if you want an epub or mobi (Kindle) file.

Thanks for participating! These contests are fun.

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  1. Jason is a good name! Used that one for a main character in my series.

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