Thanks to everyone who participated!

I love reading all the submissions. I keep the names on file to use later for minor characters—because every story needs 20 or 30 names for witnesses, shopkeepers, and relatives.

Some favorite submissions that didn’t win are:
Dillon Maddox (which I’ll use for the victim, because he sounds sweet)
Donald Jong/Jong Donald (because it made me laugh)
Bolder Malone (because it’s bold and sleazy at the same time)
Author Grimes (just so unlikable)
Chandale Orsini (unique and fun)
Bodhi Reign (original, but I would misspell it every time)

And special thanks to Robyn Jones for a list of interesting names!

So what names did I choose? Rosco Jagger  Submitted by Angie Leblanc and Heather Snyder, respectively. Congratulations!

Why those two? The choice is completely subjective, of course. But Rosco sounds kind of rascally, and Jagger sounds like jagged and dagger and kind of evil. And they seem to work well together.

Thanks again to everyone who commented and/or sent an email response. I sent a link for a free book to all the good sports, but if I missed you in that mailing, let me know.

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