It’s my birthday, which means it’s time for a book giveaway. I should be reflecting on what this particular milestone means, but I’m too busy. I have a rewrite to finish and a baby granddaughter coming over later. And I’ve had lots of birthdays. This one is only special because I’m finally in a place in my life that feels about perfect.

First up, I’ll give away a print copy of my latest Detective Jackson book, Liars, Cheaters & Thieves to the person who gives me the best nickname name based on a last name. For example, my husband’s name is Steve Hutchison and his friends all call him Hutch. And I need the name to be gender neutral. This is for a character in my next series, and I’m excited to see what you come up with.

I also still need good Amazon reviews for Dying for Justice. The book is now #8 on Amazon’s top-rated crime fiction list, a separate list from the bestsellers, and it’s based on customers’ ratings alone. If I can get into one of the top three spots, Amazon will feature Dying for Justice on all its crime fiction pages—which would be huge for its sales.

So if you’ve read the book and liked it, please leave even a brief review and be sure to click the star-rating system. Anyone who does or who comments here about my name contest gets a free e-book of their choice. Be sure to email me to let me know which one you’d like and which format Kindle (mobi) or epub.

Thanks for all your wonderful support! Without, I wouldn’t be in this perfect place.

  1. Sells
    love your books

  2. Windmere – WIN

  3. I’ll check, but I think I’ve reviewed all your books. If not, I’ll knock something out.

  4. Smitty– for Smith 🙂

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are some of my name suggestions:

    Pat or Patt for someone named Patterson

    Jackie for someone named Jackson (like the protag but not related so that topic of common last names could be discussed!)

    K or Ka for someone with a K last name like Keith

    Kim for someone named Kimbrough

    This one would only sound gender neutral verbally:
    Carrie or Carey for someone named Carrington

    Billie for someone named Billington

    That’s all I can think of right now!!!!

  6. Finigan–Fin

  7. By the way…I forgot to wish you a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ !!

    Hugs, Betty

  8. Thanks for participating! I’ll wait for a few more before deciding. Please send me an email, letting me know which ebook you want and which format. You’ll still be eligible for the print book.

  9. One of my favorites: Mac for McKinley, McIntyre, etc.

    Mick or Mickey for Michaelski

    Sid for Siddington

    Gib for Gilbertson

    My mother was called Scotty (for the Scottish Robertson)

    Didi for Didenko or Didier

    Huff for Huffmeyer or Huffstutler

    Ziggy for Zeigler

  10. Love your books but you really need a new proofreader. Numerous errors in the Jackson series.

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