1. I think the newsletter is going the way of print books. We’ll see them for a few more years, then nobody will think about them much.

    But the electronic newsletter services provide both a collection point, and a means to use the collected email addresses.

    I envision even this electronic version going by the wayside as we all use social sites to communicate these days. Newsletters will be notification only to Facebook or other such sites. People will “sign up” by Liking, Fanning, Friending or Following. They never have to give up their email address, just their social identifier. They can read or not depending on their mood. They don’t have to search their spam folders, or delete unwanted mail.

    Being lazy, I will wait for my vision to become universal. In the meantime, I just annoy people whose addys I’ve collected because I’ve actually communicated with the person directly at some point. I always include the statement they can remove themselves from my list simply by replying SHUT UP.

  2. Thanks for this. I’m bookmarking it, because I keep telling myself I ought to start a “real” newsletter instead of emails I send en mass to my very short list of contacts.


  3. Thanks L.J. I’ve been sending out my newsletter for 12 years now. It’s total text, no color, no pics, etc. I once asked subscribers if they wanted a new fancy version. All who responded said no, but I’ve been thinking that I should upgrade. It’s free and I’d like to keep it that way. I think I’ll look into Mail Chimp to see exactly what it offers and what I could do – and how difficult it is to use. Right now, Doing It Write is weekly, so I’d rather not have to spend hours putting it together. It already takes a while to compile all the info for it.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to add that so far I’ve been using Topica.

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