I’ve been posting a lot of guest blogs lately, so I thought I’d share the links instead of writing a new blog here. Please check them out. 🙂

Joining the Indie E-Book Revolution: The story behind why I decided to focus on e-books and become an independent author.

In this Q&A, I ask the questions and provide the answers. Find out things about me you didn’t know before.

Here, I discuss the painful choice many authors face between respectability and earning a living.

For this informative Q&A, I answer specific questions about self-publishing, copyright, ISBNs, promotion, and more.

Investing in Your Own E-Book is exactly what it sounds like: I discuss the process and cost of self-publishing a digital novel.

I Left My Publisher, Gave Up on Bookstores, and Started Making Money: The story of my transitional 2010.

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