urgent-noteNaming characters is one of the best parts of writing a crime story, and readers seem to love to participate as well. So here’s another chance to name a character and win one of my books. I’m writing a fifth Detective Jackson novel, tentatively titled Dying for Justice. In this story, Jackson and Detective Evans both work violent cases from the past that still have deadly consequences in the present.

The character I need a name for is a male ex-con who did time for assault and fraud and now is a mountain bike race promoter who donates money to the Big Brother program. The person who submits the best name wins a print or e-book of their choice from my six novels. You can post your name submission in the comments and/or e-mail me so I have your contact info.

Update: The contest is closed. There were many great entries and some made me laugh: Glenn Beck and Maximus Evilness. But after tough deliberation, I chose Lucas Murphy as the best name. Congratulations to Erynn Crittenden who submitted it. As for everyone else who participated, I’m happy to send you an e-book of your choice. Just e-mail me with your selection and file type (mobi or epub). Thanks for participating!


  1. Charter Hooks

  2. How about Walter Scott for a bad guy’s name.

  3. Casper “Cap” Owens

  4. Lucas “Big Bear” Murphy

  5. How about Cody Jenkins?

  6. Bolton “Bolt” Lassiter

  7. Vince Percelli

  8. Bernard “ace” quackenbush

  9. Saul Augustine

  10. I’ve always thought that my family name would make a great one for a villian, so iIn honor of my late father, how about Frank Babula?

  11. Devon Rains

  12. Glenn Beck.

    No, no, just kidding, that’s not my real suggestion.

    Rupert Wynter.

  13. Chase Morgan

    Because that bank is about as villainous as they come… 😉

  14. Beauregard “Buddy” Stokes (or Stokely)

  15. Maximus Evilness

  16. I like the name Lyle Pemberton. Hey! If you don’t use it, maybe I will in one of my own books! 😀

  17. Vincent Moriarty (why not a tip of a deerstalker cap to Mr. Holmes?)

  18. Cole Davis

  19. when will we know the result?? I´m anxious!!! 🙂

  20. My son is a bit of a character and a great fan of forensic and detective fiction , his name is Nathan Brown, not the most exciting of names but a familiar kind of name most people could associate with . I am sure he would be honoured to have his name used as a character in a novel. Would be one up on his brother who is called Dan Brown …his name is all over the newsagents, he isn’t actually the author I hasten to add 🙂

  21. oops i didn’t realise it was closed 🙁

  22. Hi can you tell me when the 5th book will be coming out?? I can’t wait!! I love your books they keep me wanting more and more!!

    Thanks Melinda

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