I spent an hour looking through the phone book for names, then realized I hadn’t held my usual “Name That Character” contest for this book. I’m writing a new Jackson story with the working title Liars, Cheaters, & Thieves, and I need lots of names. Suspects, victims, and witnesses.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the story involves three men, friends since high school. I’ve settled on the main character’s name, but I’m still open to what to call his friends. One is ex-military and an outdoors kind of guy, and the other is more of a techie.

But I also need names for bartenders, girlfriends, bankers, and homeless people! As info, most of the names you submitted for my last contest for The Arranger ended up in the book as contestants in the Gauntlet. So if you have a favorite name, enter it, and it could become part of this story. You can always submit your own name too.

Of course, one of these guys ends up dead, so feel free to submit the names of people you wouldn’t mind seeing bumped off.

I’ll pick a favorite submission, and the prize is a signed print book of your choice from the nine I’ve written (or two e-books if you prefer). I’ll also use as many of the submissions as I can and give an e-book to everyone who participates and contacts me with their email address.

Thanks for playing! This is also such good fun for me.

  1. Hey, how about these:

    Military guy: Matthew Phoenix
    Tech guy: Merrill Newbold
    Homeless guy: Prescott Sutton
    Girlfriend: Opal Harriman
    Bartender: Jules Montgomery

    Patti (no that’s my name not a suggestion…)

  2. Larry “Gizmo” Callahan — the techie

    You could also use my name! — gary

  3. OK – As I started this on your facebook page… LOL

    Laura Bruhns or Laura McKinsey
    Kyle Bruhns

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  4. Sue Bailey
    Ken Bevil
    Gil Cortez
    Kay Mutch
    Ted Flores
    Ray Farrelly
    Bill Gagnon
    Bettye Heinrich
    Rose Middleton
    David Meadows
    Jim Martin
    Eve O’Young
    Eloyce Rogers
    Peggy Shepherd
    Kay Towne
    Josie Vaighn

  5. Hi L.J.,
    This is a great idea – I will don my thinking cap & come up with some names – back later after a long morning walk – thinking!

  6. What fun!
    Have to submit names of some of my favorite people 🙂

    Angela Harvey
    Zoe Otey
    Kerri Otey
    Nikki Reynolds
    Jill Poindexter
    Stephanie Kempf

    Paul Harvey

    Thanks! 🙂

  7. OK – a few that came to mind this morning!

    Clayton Grimes
    Giselle Du Pre
    Charles Harcourt-Floyd
    Pete Jepsom
    Francesca Coombs

    If I think of any more I’ll be back!

  8. I love names … this is such fun, LJ …

    Drew Sanborn
    Kat MacDonald
    Orley Arthur
    Luella Harter
    Mila Kruz
    Charmaine Berens
    Lotti Kim
    Mark Ernest
    Mike Bonay
    Bob “Wags” Wagner
    Jim “Heebie” Hebner
    Jimmy Carlos
    Nick Saint
    Anny Bradshaw
    Layton “Lay-Lay” Bradshaw
    Bishop Bradshaw
    Trey Abercrombie
    Emery Leigh
    Glenn Flash
    King Au
    Bill “Poopsie” Berry
    Rusty Malone
    Sylvia Joyce

  9. Ooops … 2 more

    Lola Renee
    Chad Malone

  10. Love this game! More in a bit.

    For the bad guys:
    Billy Marco
    Claude Ward
    Clark Hicks

    Bad females:
    Pam Eavenson
    Jennifer Keyes
    Kim Bradley

  11. Shelia Mathews Dolan
    Sissy Mathews Dolan
    Shelia Dolan
    Wally Dolan
    Meredith Briscolino
    Paul Briscolino
    Gloria Bowman

  12. More suggestions for BAD guy names:

    Roy King
    Fisher Covin
    Steve Farrell
    Jack Pittman

  13. May I suggest the name “Hailey”? It’s my youngest daughters name, she is 1 and was diagnosed with a rare syndrome and will be having her second surgery next week. You are one of my fav authors and I just thought it’d be pretty cool story to tell her when she’s a little older.

  14. Wow, this batch of names will last me through a couple of novels. A reminder to please email me if you participated and want a free ebook. Let me know which novel and whether you want a mobi (Kindle) or epub file. I’ll leave the contest open for a few days and still pick a print book winner, but I’m happy to start giving away ebooks to everyone who submitted names. Thanks!

  15. I’m going to give you one I was going to use myself: Keegan O’Hara

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