Last January, I set two main goals for the year: 1) establish a freelance fiction editing business and 2) write and sell a second Detective Jackson novel. With the help of a layoff from my job, I sort of accomplished the first. And yesterday, I signed with Echelon Press to publish Secrets to Die For next September, so I can happily check off the second goal.

And I did it with two months to spare, so now I can write like crazy on the third Jackson story during November, also known as National Novel Writing Month. I don’t expect to finish the novel in 30 days, but if I have 30,000 words down by December, I’ll be very happy. (And yes, technically it’s a new goal.)

I’ve also come to accept the idea that the publishing industry is moving—slowly—away from paper products. In fact, I bought a Kindle the other day (I still have a credit card!), something I never thought I would do. (It hasn’t arrived, so I can’t report on it yet, but I will eventually.) So now I’m thinking seriously about nonpaper media, with ideas such as 1) creating an audio version (podiobook) of The Sex Club, 2) creating a downloadable e-book of a story I wrote years ago and never tried to sell, and 3) podcasting the first chapter of several of my stories. All viable projects—all time consuming. But I have two months to spare this year, so why not branch out?

  1. Congrats on the new book, L.J. Your goals are good ones. After nine print book publications, I signed on with a multi-format publisher and couldn’t be happier. Why not get in on the ground floor, or at least the mezzanine of the publishing supermarket of the future?

  2. Kudos on the contract LJ. I can’t wait to read the new book, having liked the first one so much. Also great that you have accomplished your goals. But then a go-getter like you simply can NOT fail at her goals. (smile)

  3. I love the idea of podcasting The Sex Club, and you should be able to do that yourself with your Mac. Make sure the voices are good! And set up a fan club now. I don’t know why more authors don’t do that and hook their products (like the podcasts) into a site that establishes a real following. That way, you have a presence that goes with you anywhere your journey leads you. Like a movie star or singer… or a hairdresser with a clientele who can work anywhere. Right? Does this make sense?

    Proud of you… talent and hard work are awesome combinations. 🙂 I’m looking forward to your blog book tour.


  4. LJ,
    Congratulations on achieving those two goals and getting started on the third.

    I hope you love your Kindle as much as I love mine. I wrote a review of the Kindle after using it for a few weeks. Though there are some things I’d like to see changed, I love reading on it.

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