After taking some time in August to ride my bike, work in my yard, and hang out with my granddaughter, I’m busy writing my eighth Detective Jackson novel. It seems a little unreal, like only a few years ago, I was writing Thrilled to Death, the third story, and wondering if the series would ever have enough readers to make it financially worthwhile. But I love writing these stories, so it’s been emotionally rewarding all along, and I’m very grateful for the readers who support me.

And I love getting readers involved in the creativity, even if only to provide many of the names I’ll use. So here’s another chance to get a name of your choice into my next  Jackson story.

For this one, I need the name of an eco-terrorist, a man dedicated to environmental issues, but misguided about how to accomplish his goals. And I need a name for a young female FBI agent who goes undercover to stop him.

What does all this have to do with Jackson? You’ll see! As usual, I’m writing a complex story with multiple crimes and multiple points of view. And I’m trying to give readers something new in every story, so I’m branching out and including broader investigations and more action.

The book I just finished, Rules of Crime, which you helped me find great names for, will be released in late February. It features Jackson, Lara Evans, and Agent Carla River, and some of my beta readers say it’s my best work yet. I hope so! (I hope to have a cover soon too.)

I plan to have this new story submitted to my editor by the end of the year, so hopefully, Amazon will release it mid-2013, a few months after Rules of Crime.

Everyone who submits a name wins a free ebook of their choice, and the people who submit the winning names for my characters win an ebook of their choice AND a print copy of The Baby Thief…if they want it.

As always, I’ll try to use many of the names submitted in other roles: witnesses, family members, etc. Thanks for participating! I can’t wait to see what you have for me this time.

  1. Born Kiskell/Kisvet (eco terrorist)
    Clara/Clarissa Pennyfeather (undercover FBI) whose real name is Mildred Stomp/Stemp.

    Good luck, L.J.!

  2. The theme is right up my green alley! How about Adam Greene for the terrorist? Something straightforward but with innuendo. An FBI agent with those initials? Fiona Beatrix Ingram. Snort! I’m bad at naming. It’s why I collect obituaries. 😉

  3. Thank, Dani and Theresa, for participating! Now I’m thinking I should have some fun with her alias.

  4. I like Jamie barnes for the fbi lady; and Hugh Groves for the terrorist. Looking forward. When is the last book going to be on Amazon? really like your picture with the granddaughter.

  5. Thanks for participating, Candy. I like the name Jamie too.
    Rules of Crime will be released Feb. 26, and this second new book will probably come out in June.

  6. Russell Crowder for the eco-terroist
    Rosella Blackwell for the FBI agent, nickname Rosy

  7. Eco-terrorist: Conrad “Connie” Dressler
    FBI Agent: Thistle Hiram “Hi” Caruthers (middle named after daddy)

    Thanks for the contest. This was fun.

  8. Hi

    How about …
    Will Meadows – for the eco-terrorist
    Charlotte (Charlie) Fitzroy – FBI Agent

  9. This is a fun idea!!

    Eco – Terrorist, Fala Fields

    FBI Agent, Preston Walker

  10. Mmmm….Female Agent – how about Gari Cornell?

  11. Really liking some of these. Keep them coming. 🙂 Thanks for participating.

  12. Hank “Smoky” Dyre for terrorist
    Jaycee Jenkins for FBI agent

  13. It is probably too late for this but just in case not here goes: Lauren Michael for your undercover FBI agent?

  14. the FBI actively ruercits lawyers and accountants. Just because you are an accountant doesn’t mean you will sit at a desk. One can get into law school with any BA degree. The FBI also ruercits people with other majors who have at least three years of law enforcement experience. So, pick a major that will either get you into law school or will get you hired by another police agency.

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