Believe or not, I’m already writing a new Jackson story, and I’m very excited about this one. I even have a working title, but it’s is too early too share. I have an interview set up with an FBI agent, and I’m considering add a new character…who my spin off into her own series someday. (We’ll see how I feel in May.)

But what I need right now from my faithful readers is your participation again. I need names and lots of them. In my past two novels, I included dozens of the names you suggested, so I hope you’ve had a chance to pick up the books and see your contributions. One reader contacted me with so much excitement (!!!!) about her name being in Liars, Cheaters & Thieves, I could hear her squealing across the county.

Many of the names I need will be witnesses, neighbors, and victim’s family members, so they don’t need any special connotations. Just reader friendly.

But one suspect in particular is a white, upperclass male who lost a lot of money in the recession and is very angry about it. Another suspect is a young Hispanic gang member with a lot to prove to his peers.

And of course, I need a name for my female FBI agent…who may be with me for a while. (So this is important, and I reserve the right to change at the last minute.)

Everyone who participates gets a free ebook of their choice, and I’ll also pick one or two favorites, who will receive a print book of their choice, or of my latest Jackson book: Liars, Cheaters & Thieves.

It’s fun for everyone if you leave your suggestions in the comments, but please also email me with your choice of ebook and file type (mobi or epub).

Thanks again for you help in the past, now let’s see what you’ve got!

  1. A character naming, how fun. I will throw my name in the hat, along with my husband, Jim/James Zucker, and my daughter, Sydney Zucker.

  2. Maybe the uppercrust white guy could be Mr. Stanley Wicket. Hispanic fellow Jorge Ramiriz. For the detective, I nominate my sister’s name: Ronda Carrington, (with her permission.)

    All the best with your new venture.


  3. I’ll give you mine name! Female detective could also be my Mom’s name – Sandra (Sandy). She always wanted to be a police detective!
    Guys name – Jamie (James), Jimmy (Jim) or Anthony!
    (if I win … any one of your newer books. I read the first two.)
    Thank you!

  4. I’d like to nominate a neighbor/witness.

    Dottie Crocker (she’d LOVE to be in a mystery). She’s an 87-year-old mystery fan. She read my mystery novel in the critting stage.

    I’ve already got all your books, so I’ll stay out of the draw.

  5. Porhgwidden Jones

  6. For the FBI agent, how about Mary Jane Johnston or George Eliot Smith, if her parents were literarily inclined?

    Hubie Spikes
    Randall Jones
    M.O. Perkins
    Brandon Bergeron

    I’ve just kind of invented these mostly.
    More of my suggestions later. Thanks for the fun of it all.

  7. Hi LJ,

    You could use names like Colfax Bennett, Cyrus Baker, Edward J. Coltrane, and for the girl, I like Hope Ng. Get it? ‘Hope Ng.’

    As in ‘hope ng’ to win a book. But seriously, a good place to get names is from the encyclopedia–see the county names of South Dakota for Anglo Saxon surnames, or the Paris phone book, etc, for foreigners.

    With plenty of immigration to America, names like Dirk, or Gunther, or Vladimir aren’t out of the question. Achmed, Mahmoud, Saburo, might work.

  8. money lost in the depression requires a strong older name such as
    Daniel Talbot, Daniel James or Daniel Marx

    I think a female FBI would be great named Alexandra Lundgren 🙂 (Alex of course)

    assorted random names
    Brian Walker
    Jennifer Stewart
    Susan Martin
    Alison Manner
    Brandt Rolland
    Mitchel Roads
    Susan Fine

    Let me know if you want more! I love doing this!!!

  9. For the agent: Madison O’Malley (guess she’s got a bit of Irish blood, then…), or Darcey Keegan?

    For the male upperclass… Braxton Phillips, perhaps? Brayden?

    To be honest, it’s pretty difficult to come up with names for someone else’s characters (especially a main one!) – but it’s a fun exercise 🙂

  10. Grace Kizina loves to solve a mystery, and I’d love to see her name in a book!

  11. A few names (most here could be used for either sex):

    Ryan Langdon
    Meghan Callahan
    Jordan Rivers
    Logan [something, drawing a blank on a good last name here]

  12. suggested:

    Dr Loren Blaize (female)

    Skia Mulvaney (male)

  13. LJ

    Here are some names for you!

    male name: Evin or Devin Becker
    female name: Melinda Becker or Shirley Tolson

  14. For the upperclass man I would go with a name like Randal Whitmire
    For a female character maybe Leigh Williamson
    Hispanic male I would go with Javier Manendez

    Other possible names: Thomas (Tom) Pettit, Richard (Dick) Bradford, Jennifer (Jenny) Cole, Stephanie (Steph) Carlson, Donna Delaney

  15. For your upperclass suspect, I like Tyler Endicott III or Ethan Chillingworth. For the Hispanic guy, possibly Victor Oliveras.

    You don’t tell us anything about your FBI lead, so I’ve gone for Beth Gibson, Aleesha May, Paula Hart, Danielle Scott or Laurel Parker.

    I have all your books, LJ, so don’t worry about that bit of it. I just love the name game.

  16. I suggest Ted Sheckler.

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