Believe or not, I’m writing my tenth Jackson story! I’m getting excited about this one. The action is intense, the emotions run high, and the body count is a little freaky. But right now the manuscript is full of places where I’ve typed XXX, instead of a name. Because I didn’t want to slow down the flow of the scene to come up with the right moniker.

So once again I’m asking for your help. Even the names you submit that I don’t chose for the main characters, I’ll try to use for the many small-part characters—as I always have. I’m sure many of you have seen your own names in my books, along with your other suggestions.

First up, I have homeless male twins in their mid-thirties, who end up as suspects. Their temporary names are Dustin and Josh Harvick but I think we can do better, at least on the first names. I’d like to avoid names that are too similar (ie., Zeke and Zack), because readers might get confused.

There’s also a young female activist, who is a crusader for the rights of the homeless. I’ve called her Willow, because that fits Eugene, but it may not be strong enough for her. Give me your best suggestions, and we’ll see.

And the story opens with a male, 40-something police officer, a really good guy, whose name I’ve changed three times already. So it’s time to throw that one to my creative readers and see what you come up with.

I’ll give free ebooks of The Target (Agent Dallas #2) to everyone who participates, and a couple of printed copies to the grand winners.

Thanks for your input, as always!

  1. My son has a very strong name- Octavious.. an older name was strong, virile sounding name. Might be an idea for a name. ???

  2. My daughter’s name is Zee. Definitely unusual and not heard of very often:) I know no matter what names you use, this book is going to rock!!! I can’t wait for it!!! I will be so heartbroken when/if you decide to end this series…lol. I just love it and all the characters!!! Thanks LJ for letting your readers get so involved with the things you do and the many aspects of your writing!

  3. Just a couple of thoughts for the characters. I ran across the Detective Jackson series by accident on my Kindle. I am a huge reader, and what I usually do in my spare time, reading several books a week. I have enjoyed the series tremendously. It is one of the few series that I have come across through Amazon that I have stuck with reading each book in the series. Looking forward to the new book in the series.

    Young female activist: Augusta the meaning is “great, magnificent”.
    40-something police officer: Alexander Crawford
    homeless male twins in their mid-thirties: Henry & Jacob Lowe

  4. How about Brent Scully for the 40-something police officer.
    Caprice for the young female activist.

  5. I was thinking Pete McCaughey or Tony Capizzi for the 40 something police oficer.

  6. 40 year old male police officer Tristan or Channing lady activist Eden homeless men Noel and Joel

  7. Twins: Gary and Robert

    Young female: You liked the name Willow and said that it seemed to fit with Eugene… what about Sydney Willow??

    male police officer: Dante James

  8. male police officer: Rusty Malone

    female activist: Kara Walsh

    homeless male twins: Rob and John Harvick

  9. How about Simon and Peter Reed for the twins. Those are two brothers from the ill-fated Donner Party. Seems rather prophetic to have two homeless people wandering around with those names. (Oddly, I have a friend whose father had chosen the names for all five of his children after children who perished on that expedition. I asked my friend why he did that and she shook her head, answering: “I don’t know. He never told us. My father was obsessed by the story of the Donner Party.”)

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