The fourth book in my Detective Jackson series was the most challenging to write so far. I used parallel structures to tell overlapping stories. In the main story, Jackson investigates the deaths of a slain family. The parallel plot starts six weeks before the murders and tells the family’s story, with each victim narrating a POV section, leading up to the murders. Thus the name, Passions of the Dead.

The family’s story takes readers right through the final murder scene—just as Jackson puts it all together. Writing that scene from the killer’s perspective was the most challenging and disturbing work I’ve done so far, but readers’ reactions to it have been gratifying.

I loved writing this novel, but I worried that readers would find it confusing or would not relate to the victims and their story. That hasn’t been the case. First, the novel passed my harshest critic (my husband) with no hesitation, and my beta readers loved it too. So I pressed forward and now the first reviewers are enthusiastic as well. passions-frontcover-hirez

“The latest Detective Jackson mystery will keep you enthralled right up until Sellers hits you over the head with another shocking ending. Put Passions of the Dead on your reading list!”—Susan Whitfield, author of the Logan Hunter mysteries

“L.J. Sellers takes a contemporary news theme and spins a thriller that puts you on the edge of your seat on page one, then keeps you there until the last sentence. Superb!”— The Blood-Red Pencil

“This is another outstanding effort from Sellers and sure to please any police procedural fan.”—

The e-book is only $2.99 and is available from Amazon, Nook, Borders, Apple, etc. For you print book holdouts, I have three advance review copies to give away today. Just post a comment to be entered to win, and/or send me an e=mailso I know how to contact you.

This giveaway is now closed and the winners are: Theresa de Valance, Sandy Olubas, and Robin Cain. Congratulations! For everyone else, thanks for entering. You can still enter to win an e-book of one of my medical thrillers. Just click through on the Thrillers tab, then click Win a E-book.

  1. Hello,

    Do I want a free print copy? That’s a goofy question. I want, I want, I want!!!

    Thanks & regards,


  2. Well,of course i want a free copy to read and digest.

  3. Looking forward to reading this!

  4. I love your work and look forward to reading your next book!

  5. I would love a free copy of your book! I’ve only recently read(and thoroughly enjoyed) the first in the series, but I’m eager to catch up!

  6. Hello LJ! Please enter me in the contest to win a copy of ‘Passions of the Dead.’. Having to write from another person’s POV has got to be akin to an out of body experience! That’s the easy part I guess; having to examine and understand enough to make a potent character, like a murderer, must be very dsturbing. The good thing is that you can come out and cleanse yourself off! I don’t think your work is confusing from what I’ve read of your synopsis, your work is challenging, and can be followed without giving the storyline away. That takes real art..

  7. Thanks so much, LJ for yet another Detective Jackson book. I recently read Thrilled to Death – so I’m ready to the next one. (Also loved The Sex Club and Secrets to Die For)
    I look forward to reading from the family’s POV in parallel with Det.Jackson’s sleuthing expertise.

  8. Are there any free copies left? I would love to read some of your work.

  9. Hello LJ

    I just wanted to tell you that the Booktrib Giveaway just contacted me and announced I had won a signed copy of your book, Passions of the Dead. I am very pleased and will post a review of the book when I have finished reading it. I have not read any of your work to date, but love reading detective stories. Thanks for the free copy!

    Ronald Dean Rellinger

  10. You’re welcome, Ronald. I hope you enjoy it!

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