LJ with KindleSeveral readers have e-mailed me and said, “I’d really like to read your e-books, but I don’t how… Which inspired me to put together this list:

1. Buy an e-reader: Kindle is the most popular, but there’s also the Nook (Barnes & Noble), Kobo (Borders), Sony Pocket Reader, Pandigital Novel, and many more. When you make your choice, think about more than the device and price. Think about the size of bookstore available to you and the size/power/longevity of the company behind the bookstore and device. Prices are way down, so why wait?

2. Download the Kindle to your Mac or PC. With this application you can shop the Kindle store and read Kindle books on your computer or laptop or iPad. This is a great way to try out the Kindle bookstore. (As info: Kindle books are mobi files.)

3. Do you use Firefox? It has a built-in e-reader. Click on the Tools menu and open the ePub-Catelog. You can drag epub files from your computer into the e-reader and peruse them there. (As info: Almost everybody but Amazon uses epub files.)

4. Read on an iPad. You can shop the Apple store directly and buy e-books from it, or download the Kindle application to your iPad. Some readers love reading on the iPad and others say it gives them a headache.

5. If you buy or win a PDF file from an author, you can read it on your computer, laptop, or mobile phone too.

6. Read on your mobile phone with almost any of the other methods mentioned. Some applications will synchronize your place in the book whether you’re reading on your phone or e-reader. I haven’t tried this yet. 🙂

How do you read e-books? If you haven’t tried it yet, what is holding you back?

  1. I’ve got enough real books to read!

  2. e-Books are real books, Sally. They’re just in a different format.

  3. Thank you for this!

  4. I never knew Firefox had an ereader! Thanks for that piece of information, I will go and find mine. I am not keen on the idea of reading from my computer or a device. I find it a strain on my eyes, but often get asked to read for a review, so have to oblige.

    I cannot imagine reading anything other than a good old paperback. Call me old fashioned.I am told that Kindle is good, and I should try one. My friend is getting one for Christmas, so I will have sneaky peek at hers. Then consider it later.

  5. Gosh, not sure where the g came from on my surname. LOL

  6. I’ve had a Kindle (G2) since January and use it every day. My reading of paper books has plummeted because they’re so heavy to carry with me – I rarely read fewer than three books at a time. The Kindle has e-ink so it looks just like paper and doesn’t cause any eyestrain, and it recognises and converts multiple formats. I can annotate my ebooks as well so I use my Kindle to edit my own work and for study.

  7. Books-a-Million is now carrying the Nook (in some kind of partnership / arrangement with Barnes and Noble).

  8. Just got my first Android phone and am a converted ebook reader. It has a Kindle application and it is great on a crowded commuter train. I was previously vehemently anti ebook and pro paper but not any more – and the book that has converted me – The Sex Club – great read, thanks LJ. – now time to download my next LJ Sellers novel!

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