I got tagged (thanks Marvin) for telling you all about myself, so here it is:

1) Computer, longhand, or other?

The only thing I write with a pen are lists. I have loved computers for writing anything and everything since the first day I sat down at one.

2) Coffee or tea?

Both! And lots of it. I start with strong black coffee (grinding the beans and all), then switch to green tea (lemongrass or jasmine), then drink licorice tea at night.

3) Day or night?

As my blog’s subhead says, “First thing every day.” I can, and do, write at night sometimes, but I struggle with it. (See April blog entry: Shaking It Up.)

4) Favorite genre to write?

I write what I love to read: mystery/suspense. I also write comedy for my standup routine, and I have written three comedy screenplays. I love writing comedy, but it’s very hard work. Some people manage to combine crime and comedy, but for me, they’re like oil and water, and I just can’t mix ‘em.

5) Pencil or pen to edit?

I edit my own work on screen, but I prefer to edit other people’s fiction on paper. I use three writing utensils: the black pen mark means “make this edit,” the pencil means “consider this syntax edit,” and the yellow highlighter means “look at this repetition or inconsistency.”

6) Unusual writing quirk or trait?

I wish I had something funny or cute to tell you, but I don’t write naked and I don’t wear hats for inspiration. In truth, I write very lean. My first drafts are mostly action and dialogue. Then I have to go back and fill with more detail and characterization.

7) Writing from home or writing in a cozy café?
I use an ergonomic keyboard, I can’t function without a mouse, and my workstation at home lets me stand up and work for periods throughout the day. In other words, I’m spoiled. Why would I go anywhere else?

8) Music or silence while your write?

Years ago, I could write with three boys playing Nintendo in the room. Now I like it quiet. But I’m going to try Karen’s suggestion of certain music for certain scenes.

9) Favorite motivational writing quote?
My own: Life is short. Get it done.

10) Favorite bookmark?

I use one of my own for THE SEX CLUB. It reminds me that I can write too.

11) Favorite fictional character of all time?

Tough question. Who comes to mind today is Irwin Fletcher, made famous by Chevy Chase. I loved the books and the movies! He’s a great example of combining crime and comedy.

12) Most admired living writer today?

I can’t pick a living writer because there’s too many. My favorite writer of all time though is Lawrence Sanders. He’s incredibly versatile and always entertaining.

And I tag Charlotte to go next.

  1. Answering these questions as you did allows us to “know” more of the real you.

    Very interesting.


  2. I enjoyed reading your answers, LJ.

    I like coffee (some may argue since I add cream and sweetener) and like tea as well. But I could not drink licorice tea. aaak. I hate licorice and I know exactly why — my dad made us drink sassafras tea. He said it was good for us, but I hated the taste — which to me tastes just like licorice! I have a feeling sassafras tea is a Southern thing!

  3. Fun post! I type standing, too. It’s amazing how much less strenuous it can be vs. sitting. Have you noticed that?

    Can you liven up Marvin? (I can hear the comedy routine already.:)


  4. So much fun and informative to hear a colleague answer these questions. I'm interested in your writing comedy & screenplays. I'm writing a novel right now where my main character and his date go to a comedy club. I consider myself to be a writer with fairly good wit and humor. But I'm finding it very challenging to write a really good standup comedy routine for the performer they're listening to at the club. But I love challenges.

    Enjoyed the post!

    Marvin D Wilson
    Blogs at: http://inspiritandtruths.blogspot.com/
    Eye Twitter 2 – http://twitter.com/Paize_Fiddler

  5. I love reading the answers to this particular meme. I would echo Karen on trying music for particular scenes! But then, I can’t write when it’s too quiet.

    “It was quiet…TOO quiet.”

    I hate licorice too, ever since drinking most of a bottle of ouzo when I was 18 and being very very ill…

  6. The more that I read everyone’s writing habits and bio, the more impressed I am. There is such a wide range of experiences and yet, we all come together for one thing. I’m impressed that you do comedy. I’d be absolutely terrified.

    Great post… I look forward to reading more.

  7. Great idea for a blog post. I may borrow it for mine!

  8. I was so inspired, I posted my own!

  9. Hey LJ, thanks for the post! I like tea too, but it’s hard for me to find the good stuff. I make my own peppermint, but other than that I’d like to find a good source for decent tea. I’m not very impressed by the pre-packaged stuff they have in your average grocery store, but maybe I’m just missing something? Any tea suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!


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