I’ve recently joined the e-book revolution both as a novelist and a reader. As a novelist, e-books are allowing me to make a living. As a reader, I’m trying new authors because Kindle lets me download a sample before I buy. The easy access, low prices, and lack of space constraints make downloading e-books a daily temptation. It will be easy to accumulate far more books that I can ever read. But when you can buy a great book for less than $2, who cares?

I’ve also discovered some great e-book sites and newsletters. Here are few of my favorites:
Kindle Nation Daily Be sure to sign up for the newsletter.
The Frugal E-Reader
The Kindle Reader
Daily Cheap Reads
Spalding’s Racket
Free Kindle Books (16,399)

Here are some inexpensive Kindle books with great reviews and lots of loyal fans. I’ve haven’t read them yet, but I’ve bought them on the strength of recommendations.
Identity Crisis
Deed to Death
No Good Deed
Primal Wound

And my own e-books are all priced at $2.99, except the first book in the series is now $.99. You can also read it for free on Goodreads in November.

Do you read e-books? Have you discovered any great new authors?


  1. I just got my ereader last week and LOVE it! I swore I’d always be a paper person but now, on my nightstand, my Kindle sits on top of a whole stack of books!

  2. Books on the Knob is a good source of inexpensive, even free!, reads on various of the ebook sites.


  3. I’m like Rebbie. I never figured I’d prefer an ereader to paper, but the truth is I do. Now I find it tedious having to turn pages manually rather with just a twitch of my thumb. Gosh, I must be getting lazy in my old age.

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