No matter how efficient I work, I still have this growing list of things I want to read/learn/get better at that I never seem find time for. Maybe in 2010…
A few things I have not yet learned to do:

  • Read a manual called Perfect Eyes that I paid $39 for in the hopes that I could keep my eyes from getting worse. (It’s near the top of the pile, but I’m damn near too blind to read it now.)
  • Read the manual for my new printer/fax. I just wing my way through whatever I need done at the moment and figure I’ll get to the manual someday.
  • Use all the features on my digital camera. I can point, click, and download photos. Recently figured out the zoom too. Shameful.
  • Learn Spanish. I bought the tapes and books and signed up for a class four years ago. Had to drop the class and still can’t ask for the bathroom in anything but English.
  • Use Tweetdeck: I downloaded it but have never taken the time to learn to make new columns to track favorites …or use anything other functions. I don’t even have it on.
  • Dance the Cha Cha. Husband and I started lessons, but he hated it. It’s not the same without a partner.
  • Weld metal sculptures. I really want to do this someday.
  • Improve my website’s search engine optimization. Has anyone?

What is on your list of things you still want to read/learn/improve? The new year is coming!

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