As you may have heard, the new Jackson story, Liars, Cheaters & Thieves, is now available. With each of these novels, I try to feature different crimes, different types of victims, and different story structures. In this one, the victims are male military veterans, a subject I’ve wanted to write about for a while.

But I didn’t want to immerse the plot in the military culture, so like my other Jackson stories, it’s set in Eugene. Liars, Cheaters, & Thieves also includes some features unique to Eugene that I’ve been wanting to work into a story, so you’ll get to know my hometown a little better.

Here’s the back cover copy:
Thursday night, a young veteran’s throat is slashed in a parking lot. Friday morning, an older women dies of a heart attack when she realizes her bank account has been cleaned out. The homicide-scene evidence points to the man’s cheating wife, but when Detective Jackson finds bizarre materials in their home and a link to a phony charity, the case gets complicated. When another man is killed, Jackson and his team decide to follow the money—but can they find the trail before anyone else is murdered?

I’m giving away a free ebook to anyone who comments or subscribes to my blog or newsletter today. In addition to commenting, email me and let me know if you want a mobi (Kindle) or epub file.

I’ve already got an idea for my next Jackson story, but I’d love to hear suggestions for subjects or social issues that interest you.

Thanks for stopping at my blog and supporting my work.

  1. I’d like to have your new book it sounds great

  2. Looks interesting 🙂 Looking forward to reading it

  3. I am an avid reader. The more books the merrier… I have a NOOK with over 870 books on it!!! Keep up the great work. Happy Holidays as well to you and yours!

  4. Love your work! I’d like a copy, too, please.

  5. My kindle is just SCREAMING for a new detective Jackson novel!

  6. I’ve read several of your books and love them. I always like a great detective mystery and from what I’ve already read I’m sure this one won’t disappoint.

  7. Looking forward to reading the latest.

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