1. Call one bookstore every single day. The idea is to introduce myself and my series and to encourage the store to stock some copies. It should only take five minutes. The rule is: I can’t eat lunch until I’ve done it.
  2. Write another novel before the year is over. I’ve written three in the last two years (Jan. 08 to Dec. 09), so I should be able to do this. I think I’ll write something completely different, maybe a futuristic thriller.
  3. Start teaching. I’m already working on a proposal for a conference workshop, and I plan to apply at community colleges and online extension programs. (This is my plan B for when the newspaper lays me off.)
  4. Guest blog more.
  5. Eat less. (I put this on the list every year because it’s always worth trying.)
  6. Read more. (I put this on the list every year because it’s always worth trying.)
  7. Take a real vacation with sunshine and warm sand. (Donations accepted.)
  8. Improve my craft by spending more time rewriting and reading sentences out loud.
  9. Find more avenues for hand-selling books directly to readers.
  10. Update my website more often and add all the features I have planned.
  1. That’s a good list. Best Wishes in the New Year.

  2. Great list, LJ! I get the sense you’re an achiever so your year-end review ought to rock.

  3. Hi L.J. I am impressed by your desires and your inspirations. I have only six paperbacks (three of my own and three anthos) with 50 published ebooks. I have found it tough to get them in the stores because they are POD (my publisher is a small but sturdy imprint) and all the books are marked non returnable.
    I have had some success hand-selling to indie sellers who take my books two to three at a time at the standard rate of 45% fully returnable.
    It is always a victory when they say YES.
    I am stumoed to know how to handle Barnes and Noble though when my books are available through their online system but they won’t take them in the stores. Oh well, your own “bucket list” encourages me to keep going into the smaller stores in person and trying.
    I wish you the best of luck for 2010!

    A.J. Llewellyn

  4. Great list LJ! We share a lot of common goals. I would love to learn french and salsa dance. We will see what this wonderful year brings.

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